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My saving progress

July 13th, 2009 at 09:51 am

I gave up the idea of buying the two flats, one is in fabric and the other is in synthetic. The one with the synthetic doesn't let my feet breath and it doesn't hold up in bad weather.

I called my Rogers agent yesterday and got a cheaper plan. With $15 per month, I get 150 minutes daytime and on evenings and weekend, I get a 1000 minutes. Caller display is given to me for free. There's also the system access fee that cost $6.95 and the 911 dial that cost $0.50. They offer me $10 unlimited text messages. My total bill cost $32.45 with taxes, $36.68 compares to the $50-$55 I used to pay monthly. I'm waiting for a cheaper messages package because I want my monthly cellphone bill to be $30. The $30 is included tax too. For now, I'm quite satisfied with it.

My dad wasn't much help with my cellphone charge,I asked him to help me because if I end the contract it's $400. When he heard the cost, he told me to stay in the contract and look online but when I tried giving him the reasons why I think and the thing I did to try to save money, he just brush me off. When I don't follow his so called super duperlicious advice, he will gets angry. I'm sorry for him, but I am untitled to my own opinion and it would be nice that he listen to me instead of brushing me off with the you take care of yourself words. I wouldn't care if I canceled my plan and he doesn't want to pay but I want him to listen and that is the hardest thing for him.

Troubled by a friend

June 23rd, 2009 at 09:44 am

I had a friend whom I know for 4 years now and she just graduated from High school. Since I first met her, she changed a lot. Usually people change for the better but she got worse lately.

Her love life is mess up, she dated a 22 or 23 years guy on the internet for 1 year and a half when she was 15 and they slept together whenever they see each other. She ditches him for a Spanish guy she met on the internet around her age and she never listens to anybody but him. She ditches the Spanish guy for a 21 years old guy from a rock band and they recently broke up.

She is 17 at the moment and she did some professional photoshoots where she poses in lingerie or she's naked with only her hair hiding her intimate part. I saw some of them from facebook and it's kinda disturbing to a see a 17 years old with a tiny body posing like that. She's a nice person overall but lately, she has been mess up. A coworker who was a close friend of her said that the last time she saw her, she was wearing belly top, short shorts and heels to go out. She also starts ditching her friends whom she's been hanging out with for years. I don't understand why but her old friends still stick by her side and they let her treat them this way.

I know that she has problems with her parents like me. She does whatever the heck she wants and she comes home very late. She also has been sleeping around lately from what I heard.

Is it still a teen thing? I am confused with her and she's a charismatic person, so I don't understand how she can do all of this. She's also very good in school. She has the rights to do whatever she wants but this is crazy. She said she has no morals and she hates it when someone is giving her the moral (when obviously, we are trying to tell her to be careful). In my opinion,she doesn't have any conscious at the consequences and she has stalkers who stalk her on facebook.

What do you think of this? She doesn't talk to me because I told her to be careful a year or two ago when she was dating a guy from the internet and now she dislikes me.