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Second set of pictures from my trip to China

January 25th, 2009 at 10:06 am

After two full days in Hong Kong, we went to Macau on boat. A city that is very similair to Las Vegas, it's a Casino city.

The first publicity that I see in Macau:

In my hotel, there's this card on our night table:

The Venitian Macau Resort-Hotel(Inside):

By the way, it's the Venitian hotel is a HUGE mall, casino... Like the Edmonton Mall in Alberta:

There's also entertainement!

Outside the Venitian hotel:

Everyday life:

where the poor live:

Portugueuse egg tart:

They make those Chinese snack(Forgot what it called) in front of us:

A cute warning sign:

I'm going to stop the pictures uploading from Macau here. Will post more of Macau later. Need to go to work in a few hours so I have to prepare.

Have a good day!

First set of pictures from my China trip

January 23rd, 2009 at 10:17 am

I'm going to go to the public library in Montreal today to start some math exercises for next week. I want to prepare myself in Calculus II so I won't have too much trouble in it like last semester.

Here are the first set of pictures from my trip and it's from Hong Kong:

Taxi driver's on the right:

near our hotel's bathroom sink:

Our breakfasts:

What the street looks like in the morning:

The 7/11 store:

there's even a microwave next to the premade food so you can eat them right away:

The subway:

Subway is very clean:

Breads in Hong Kong don't have any crusts:


Ice cream ^.^:

Afternoon in the street:


How they make the soup:

My meal(Super delicious!):

Shopping mall(About five to seven floors):

Magazines stand:

Machines where they sell drinks:

Another delicious meal:

What you get here in America is nothing compare to this lol...:

A picture with a cute mascot:

How we cross the street:

Another shopping mall:

My cousin's cat, they have four cats in their appartment and this one is the cutest:

What I notice the most in Hong Kong are: People work faster there than here, they prioritize good services, restaurants are very competitive with each others and you are guaranteed to get super good food fast. Though, people there don't have much patience compare to us.

Sorry for the load of pictures lol... There's so much to show!! xD My next set of picture will be from Macau.

Fresh out of depression

January 22nd, 2009 at 07:06 pm

I did not do anything stupid these past few days due to depression lol... More like spending time with my friends and my boyfriend.

For my challenge, I spend a little of it on clothes a week ago so I am good for now. My mutual funds have the biggest loss, I lost 2000$ dollars due to the recession so I am down to 5200$. My money in the bank has dropped significantly. Since I had 7200$ in mutual funds before, I will not included it in my challenge money. Who knows what will happend with the rest of the money this year... Hopefull, I will let it sit there and wait till it goes up. I don't need the money right now or in the near future.

Next Monday, I am starting my 4th semester in College. I am very excited to go back... I am getting really bored of having one month and a half of vacation now... Can't wait to go back. Not to mention, I have a nice schedule this semester. I cleaned my room and the bathroom today. I'm very happy at the result... My room look very welcoming. There's a few box here and there that I need to get rid of. For now, I guess I am just going to rest and think about it tomorrow.

Since last Friday, I did not spend anything other than a dinner and a movie with a friend I haven't seen for awhile. I watched the Unborn and the movie was pretty good. The plot actually make sense.

My next trip this summer is London for one to two weeks, 70% of chance that I'm going. If my savings go well or I don't plan on taking any summer courses. I have saved 500$ so far for the trip and I need approximatly another 1500$ for it. Hopefully, it will go well. I hope...

I know I keep changing my challenge money... I still have a lot of trips to do with my money lol.

Pictures of my trip in China will be posted soon!

He doesn't trust me

January 13th, 2009 at 09:54 pm

It's official, I have the proof that my dad doesn't trust his own daughter. He opened my credit card enveloppe today and he dares to give me back open. What the hell...

I have made some big purchases last month and this month. I got the feeling he thinks I am in big debt or I'm stealing his money or something. When clearly, I saved for my money for a long time and I work really hard for my own money.

What's the matter? He doesn't want to communicate anymore. Then fine. He will eventually accused me of something in the future, that's what I am waiting for. Yes I spent a lot lately, the money which was supposed to be for the rent and everything. I spent them on clothes. Do I have a spending fever lately? Yes probably. Do I have a spending problem? No. Why do I buy so much clothes? Because I feel like it and I buy what I like.

Eventually, I have made some stupid purchases which I can return them. I probably spend that much to get rid of some feelings like being worthless in my family but that is temporary like usual.

I am getting back on the saving wagon by saving my recent tips and taxes money. I have 92.25$ on tax refund, I have 60$ on tips. All this for London. I have approximatle 7200$ in mutual funds and 630$ now in my bank account. I bought some things with my cousin today which will be pay back on the stupid purchases I made online.

I have... Canceled my beauty product online and I'm opting for the counter product so I am saving 48.90 every two months. My acne was never bad to start with after college. I am using spectrogel to clean my skin and I will eat more healthy by drinking more water and eating more fruits. I look through my closet and see what I can buy to add more flavors in my closet, with the recent purchases. I bought things such as two (black and brown) belts, a pair of skinny jeans and a blazer to complete my wardrobe. They are all discounts for 50% to 75% off. I do have concious but I need to work on controlling my spending.

I'm sorry if I failed on saving... Maybe I need to see someone because I felt like even my boyfriend has given up on me about my problems. Nobody to listen to me because they are busy with their life. I probably need a therapy session.

One thing for sure, I am not turning crazy. More like emotionally depressed right now. I do not regret most of my purchases but spending the money.

Back from my trip since Saturday

January 8th, 2009 at 09:52 pm

Hey everyone! I'm back from Canada since last Saturday. My return was not as I expected...

First my flatmate did a huge mess in the appartment, did not do much to get a fridge, oven and a dryer machine like she told me. In general, she did not do anything but work and go out. Not to mention she told me we are going to move to the basement because the owner said he can't let us stay upstairs. It got kinda complicated and school is going to start in two weeks. With nothing done and the appartment looking disgusting, I wanted to go home because I realized I wasn't ready to deal with all this and with a really irresponsible flatmate.. It was hard for me to go back because I know what will happen but my boyfriend's mom gave me courage to call my dad and tell him I'm coming back.

My dad lets me come back yesterday with all my stuff. Though, today my parents were being really irrational again. I don't know where to start off. My mom and dad predicted my future about being the crazy bitch later in life like my aunt (Dad's big sister) because I am so different from everyone. I'm sorry but predicting my future about being a crazy bitch? That is going borderline. I did not do anything to them. I bought plastic boxes to organize my stuff in my room because it's getting messy and I spend it with my money. I told them to please not talk about my purchases but they keep whining about it.

Yes I have anger problems with them but they should know very well to watch their words sometimes and not tell me what I am thinking. I tried talking with my dad but it got emotional and even when I calm down and talk to him normally. He would not listen to me but expect me to listen to him. I made a mistake going out on my own yes but he told me that I did not listen to him and he knows more than me. What he is trying to say is... I would not make that kind of mistake if I listen to him. If I didn't make that kind of mistake, I wouldn't realized how really hard living on my own is and I wouldn't realized how much opportunities I have in the future... We all take our life for granted. When I learned all this, they just give me more crap like usual. One big mistake and I am a crazy bitch. Even if I tell my parents all this, they would just keep on lecturing me how they are older and wiser. I understand their culture but just leave me alone! I want to be trusted for once in my life for god sake! Even the people in China tells my parents to trust us more and let us do mistakes. All they reply is: But they always reply back when we talk to them! Even giving us money in China, my dad uses it to control our spending. I got my own money from work so I didn't complain.

Me being different from everyone. I think my mom is confusing everyone with her entourage. She does not know what people think outside of her workplace which mostly consist of family members. I did not take her seriously anymore since our trip in China. A great deal is hypocrisy and an ignorant point of view about life in Canada. Once she gets out of Chinatown or maybe never, she will realizes that the real world is not what she thinks. I am not accepted from my whole family other than my cousins because they live in a bubble and choose not to understand the outside world other than their own. I know my parents have greater knowledge about life than I do but I am learning and I want to make mistakes sometimes, it just makes me stronger in life. What they also don't know is that I still have their values, just that I show my western values more than my asian values.

Anyways, I will talk about my trip later on and what I learn in China. I'm going to organized my room and probably take a picture of the change I made in my wardrobe.

Here a few pictures of a dog I took in Hong Kong:

Funny face: