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My trip is coming soon

July 28th, 2009 at 11:30 am

I'm leaving to Alaska tomorrow morning!


This is my new blog. If I get the internet access there which I'm sure I will... I will write about my trip from that blog and everything else. I felt like having a blog let me have the freedom to talk about anything... Well not everything since I made it public but to express myself. I won't be putting anything personal just things I would like to share with some of you.

Not much to report here

July 27th, 2009 at 09:32 pm

Other that I already saved over $500 is an achievemment, I don't have much to talk about. On the newspaper last week, it said that the recession in Canada is officially over. Wow... It only lasts less than a year. I remembered how my Micro teachers keeps telling us that we are going on a long recession. Jobs will still be cut but we are recovering now.

Any exciting things to report... I went to see Russell Peters last Friday at 8 pm. He's famous Canadian comedian and I got the chance to see him in person. The show overall was awesome. If you don't mind him mocking other cultures and his own (He is Indian by the way), then you might like him. Search on Youtube and you will find some of his old materials that are really hilarious.

Here's one:

My saving progress

July 13th, 2009 at 09:51 am

I gave up the idea of buying the two flats, one is in fabric and the other is in synthetic. The one with the synthetic doesn't let my feet breath and it doesn't hold up in bad weather.

I called my Rogers agent yesterday and got a cheaper plan. With $15 per month, I get 150 minutes daytime and on evenings and weekend, I get a 1000 minutes. Caller display is given to me for free. There's also the system access fee that cost $6.95 and the 911 dial that cost $0.50. They offer me $10 unlimited text messages. My total bill cost $32.45 with taxes, $36.68 compares to the $50-$55 I used to pay monthly. I'm waiting for a cheaper messages package because I want my monthly cellphone bill to be $30. The $30 is included tax too. For now, I'm quite satisfied with it.

My dad wasn't much help with my cellphone charge,I asked him to help me because if I end the contract it's $400. When he heard the cost, he told me to stay in the contract and look online but when I tried giving him the reasons why I think and the thing I did to try to save money, he just brush me off. When I don't follow his so called super duperlicious advice, he will gets angry. I'm sorry for him, but I am untitled to my own opinion and it would be nice that he listen to me instead of brushing me off with the you take care of yourself words. I wouldn't care if I canceled my plan and he doesn't want to pay but I want him to listen and that is the hardest thing for him.

It's all about money now

July 11th, 2009 at 07:20 pm

Shoes = money
Cellphone = money
Bus card = money
clothes = money
Grocery = money
Go out = money
Hair = money
Trip = money

Let's see... I was looking for gladiator sandals to walk in the summer. Bought two perfect pairs and I also found two perfect flats for the summer. I do not need that much shoes... Since I got rid of my stuff a month or so ago, I need new flats because all the ones I wore are wearing out or are too hot for the weather. I do not buy wedge or heels and I rely on comfortable shoes.I can opt out for inexpensive shoes but I found one pair of red for $20 and one in black and white for $50. I really love the red ones but I've been eyeing on the black and white ones for awhile now. I am really horrible on deciding for shoes, really. I am just leaving this topic off for the moment because I am really weak for shoes.

Cellphone, I just made a topic whether or not I should cancel my cellphone contract and I calculated the cost involve and everything on the forum.

Bus card, I do not need one for July because I do not go out often. Reason why I bought it? I was on the rush and the machine did not offer tickets.The cost is $45 per month.

Clothes, I don't plan on buying much in the summer only shorts. I've been doing some clean up a few months ago and I am planning to buy classic pieces now because this is what I am attracted the most. I only got a pair of shorts and I want more because is pretty much what I wear now.

Grocery, my parents don't bother to buy anything for the house. Need to stock my own food and it's better than eating out anyways.

Go out, I want to enjoy my summer with a couple of friends. I bought a card for an amusement park and pay $15 for the season pass for parking. The card cost $75 and it provides a lot of fun with my friends. We did barbecue where we split the cost $10 each. We go to the movie some Tuesday where it cost $5 each, I'm planning to do movie night with a couple of friends so it will cost cheaper. I also want to try out new activities such as bungee jumping and rock climbing.

Hair, I only cut my hair every three months and I really love my hairstylist. I used to spend only $25 every three months but now I did red streak. I don't think I'll be redoing till August. I do invest on hairstyle... I just got addicted recently.

Trip, I am not planning to spend much. Probably a souvenir... I am not sure yet.

As you can see, most of those things I can opt out. I guess I've been taking over by my wants... I can't help but to feel such a bimbo. Work hasn't been great because I've been stressing about money. I forget things easily and a coworker of mine is bossing us around. I just obey to her sarcastically which doesn't show much, the reason why she did that is because she thinks she is better than us.

Anyways, I really need to talk with my dad about my cellphone contract so I will get that out of my mind. Also the clothes dillema will have to end... Work is starting to become stressful and not fun anymore.

I really need encouragement... and I really want to get back to my old self, I used to be better at saving money.

Selling on ebay soon

July 10th, 2009 at 11:16 pm

I still have things to get rid off in my closet so I decided to sell them on ebay. I figure out what kind of style I want and I am going to be doing some more clean up and probably a bit more shopping.

I also add to the challenge last week from my paycheck and this is how much I have now: $363.38