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Going to Alaska this summer

May 29th, 2009 at 09:05 am

My dad told me this morning to tell my boss that I'm on vacation on July 29th till August 8th because we're going to Alaska on a cruise trip! Yay! I'm so happy! I can't wait to take pictures to show you guys!

I'm going to make another stop at Vancouver... Hopefully, my dad is planning on staying in Vancouver for two or three days. Last January, I haven't seen my family who used to accomodate me about four years ago. One of the reasons is because it was the holiday (December 31st and January 1st). We spend our holiday just sleeping and I went shopping in Seattle. xD Good memories... Haha... Another one is that I wasn't really close to them, I just promised their daughter that I will come back in a few years.

Well I need to start working to save up some money for my trip and my future trips. By next week, I will have some money in.

A week of no shopping

May 27th, 2009 at 02:55 pm

I haven't been shopping for a week already and I have a lot of no spend days except yesterday,I went to my friend's brother birthday.

We went to a Japanese buffet and we stuff our mouth with sushis till we die. I'm not a fan of buffets. I don't know if there's any buffets in Europe or Asia, I feel like the foods are not as enjoyable when we can eat as much as we want. After that, we went to play pool. It was a fun night!

Anyways, I'm still thinking how much I should save for my trip to China next year. I'm thinking of visiting my friend in Switzerland before going to China... So I have to save money for that too.

My summer starts today!

May 21st, 2009 at 10:00 am

Yesterday, I finished my math exam around 4:30 pm. The exam was sooooo easy, I think I will get around 90s for sure!

My first day of summer starts today! I also had a no spend day yesterday too!! Didn't bring my wallet or anything that makes me want to spend!

I'm going to school by bike today to see some friends. Most of them are going to University in September and I'm staying for another semester in College. After the next semester, I'm going back to China for a few month before going to University. I really want to go somewhere else to study next year so I'm going to try to improve my French and English this summer.

Let's the savings begin!

May 19th, 2009 at 08:25 pm

Okay guys, I am dedicating this day the start of a shopping ban. Meaning no clothes shopping for 30 days... I am challenging myself again because I really need to get back my saving habit again.

I don't care what most of what you guys think of me, I am going to try to save again.

My savings are gone... gone...

May 19th, 2009 at 02:53 pm

Whaaat O.O... I used to be an awesome saver, now I'm horrible! Aaarg... I mostly spend on foods and on some occasion, clothes.

It all started when I started College... I'm not blaiming anyone in particular but it surely influences me a lot. Especially now, I care a lot about how I look and feeding my tummy. Very bad habit.

I'm going to try to watch my spending by writing here daily once school ends and it's soon. Tomorrow is my last exam and guess what? It's Calculus II! Haha!

Speaking of Cal II, my teacher is 24 years old! We are all a bunch of 18 to 20 and he is what? 4 to 6 years our senior? That's awesome yet... He is immature. Just the way he acts.. Today,I came to his office and I waited about an hour and a half waiting till he is done with two girls. I was a bit mad and I got an allergie so it looks like I was really pissed. Well his office hour was 12 to 3 pm and I only got to him at 2:32; I was done with him by 2:48. When I show him my first question, he acts like an ass to me. Seriously, he talks to me like I'm stupid or something. You know how kids mock you, well he acts the same way. I reply back with the same tone and he finally quiet down. Needless to say, I wasn't into the mood to be happy after this incident. It sounds so immature... Well honestly, it was like that.

Anyways, I spend on lunch today... $9. If I manage my time in school, I can save so much money instead of spending it on lunch. Gosh... Will figure out a way to save this summer.

Another thing I want to add before I study for Calculus II... I got tanned! Reason to be happy? I hardly get tanned in the summer and I got tanned without trying by biking to school for the past three weeks. Now I have this brown marshmallow color on me. It is awesome! Well the only bad thing is... I didn't put suncream which I should from now on. Haha xD My friend said pale looks good on me but with my tan, it looks cool. WOoohooo! I love the color of my skin now... Haha...

More pictures from my trip

May 18th, 2009 at 08:53 am

Here the pictures from the rest of my trip in China! It's Xiamen, my parents hometown.

Outside of the Xiamen airport:

I think they are traffic regulator or something... Can't really tell, I see uniforms that look like police but they aren't. LOL

My ancestor's house, dad's side by the way. Some of my relatives live in the country side.:

It's a beautiful house but it's really cold inside, not a good place to spend overnight:

The house is two buildings stick together, like a mini mansion:

The country side again:

Want to know something funny? That baby acts like an old man! The way he holds his bowl and his chopsticks, if you see it in real life you might understand!! LOL The baby knows that I was taking a picture of him too! Smart! Honestly... I find that the babies there are really smart... Street smarts.

It was taken outside the car, sorry for the dirty window:

Some of my mom's old relative, where they are living at the moment:

The market, where people buy their fruits and vegetables:

The garden, a place where people pray:

Street shopping:

My cousins dog Ong A:

Happy birthday or belated birthday Broken_Arrow! If anyone else birthday is today, happy birthday to you! Hehe... Well I gotta study for my final exams, see ya! =D

Yes! I am finally back!

May 17th, 2009 at 11:42 pm

Sorry for not posting for awhile... I wanted to take a break from the saving world and to enjoy myself. I invest the rest of the money on a new mutual funds so I was left with 0$ in my bank.

My dad decides not to give me an allowance anymore... Well he didn't say it directly, just the way he react said it all. I knew it will happened. I can understand why my dad doesn't want to give me an allowance but I hate the fact that he has to act like a child. Really, communication is really missing in my family and I acquire this from them. Also, my family doesn't know how to keep their words. Another thing I acquire from them.

I am not accusing them for anything,just that I find myself becoming like them and it's not what I want.

What am I doing here? I guess I am going to continue blogging. I really want to take control of my life and my money. After my exams, I will try to post daily. This blog will serve me as a reminder to work on myself and to become the person whom I always wanted to be. It's hard for me to keep my words because I tend to give up easily (Family thing). When I listen to upbeat songs, it always give me this burst of energy and it gives me the feeling that I can do anything.

As a comeback post, here are the rest of my travel pictures from China --> Guangzhou:

The places where farmers work.

The scenery was amazing... I felt like I was in a movie or something!

The spring resort outside Guangzhou.

Our little private spring resort. Water is heated by a volcano.

We each get our little spring house. LOL

I didn't take any pictures of the city of Guangzhou... I was afraid that people will steal my camera lol!

My next post will be from Xiamen, my parents hometown.