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A moment of reflection

October 19th, 2008 at 01:01 pm

I took a day off from work today because I was feeling sick because of stress and everything. I'm done with my P.E class last week so I am down with five courses and three days of work this semester. Monday is the last day of mid-term but I have exams coming up this week to come.

This weekend in particular, I started thinking about my goal in life and why I am feeling depressed lately... I guess because my grades went down. I caused this to myself so I told my boss last Friday that I want Sunday off from now on. Next semester, I will only work once per week since I am taking 6 courses and I have to take this seriously. School is more important than having money right now. I guess some of the people you hang out with influence you... It did for me. I gotta stop this... and I should not have mercy on anybody. It's my life anyways...

I will come back when I am feeling better. Gotta find a way to balance my life out.

Dad is stressing me about money

October 10th, 2008 at 12:19 pm

I dislike asking my dad about something related to money.

Whenever we go out as a family and eat, he expects me to pay my part since I work. He always says don't you work? And I always reply: Well I don't expect this expense!

I pay for my own outings, my own clothes, my entertainment and my own trip (i.e Morocco). Oh not to mention I pay my own medication whenever I have problems... Oh and shots that I have to take which cost up to 60$ per shot because dear dad don't want me to get Hepetite B shots while it was free before I turn 18. Smart... Seriously. It was not written on my vaccination book and he just said: I remember you took them!! Don't need to!! He would whine about me having all sort of health problems... Is it my fault that I am more sensitive compare to my other siblings? Beside, I am the one paying for my own medications, why should he whine about it?

He literary abuses me when we pass by Tim Hortons. He would ask me: You got 50% discount there right? Let's go eat there. Oh... Not to mention I pay for his food!! Oh nice nice! I love to spend money on him and get abused. When we pass there, he would ask me to buy more than if he has to pay regular price. With my 50% off, he decides to be generous by inviting other people to eat with donuts, lots of coffee and etc. That's what he did when I first work there.

What I consider fair in him is that my brother and me get 50$/week to pay for our phone bill, our bus pass and everything else. I work part-time to earn extra money to be able to travel and to pay any extras that I want/need. I also pay him food at my workplace if I consider the situation ideal for it, meaning that the reasons to buy there is good enought. Not just, I decide not to eat at home because I can get food at my daughter workplace and she will pay for it. That's because she loves me that much. When does spending money = love ?!

About the asking money part. Well I don't ask him much. My brother asks him to pay this and that... You know those big expenses. Dad never complains since brother is 'oh so studying hard and not working' therefore, dad don't complain. When I didn't work for five months, dad still asks me to pay everything by myself while he is paying everything for my brother. That's why I avoid asking him money or else,he will get mad at me and claim I abused him. Though yesterday, for the first time for a long time, I asked if he can pay for my bed sheet set. He just gets mad at me. When I took the wrong size for my bed sheet, I asked if he can drive me there (Since it's far and it's super heavy). He gets really mad at me and yells at me for always taking the wrong size and he tells me to go there by myself. I reply back without yelling that I almost never ask him anything and when I do, I rarely took the wrong size of anything. I mean... What the hell is wrong with him? Why am I always the one getting yell at when I ask him for simple things? I just ask for a bed sheet and that's about it. While my brother and sister get all the luxury. I am the one that he stressing more about money than my other siblings. WHY ME??!!

Not a big saver here

October 8th, 2008 at 08:04 pm

I'm not a big saver... Well. I used to be but not anymore. I'm more in the middle I guess. Before, I used to be cheap now, I guess I am frugal? I don't try to save as much as I can... Though it would save me a bundle of $$. If only I can manage my time.

Well... Recently, I cut my hair today so I spend 25$. I bought fall/winter clothes online from a friend which cost me 142.20$ for five article of clothing. I'm going to receive it probably this Friday and I'm going to test the quality. If I judge the quality bad or if I don't like it on me, I will get my money back. So yeah... I have enought summer clothes to get me through but not enought winter clothes. Also... My style has grown significatly these past few months. I guess I need to buy clothes that reflect my grown.

My saving goals seem.. Weird lol... I don't save for my retirement at this moment. I guess I have other things to achieve before thinking of that.

So yeah, my challenge money will be growing a little slower for this semester especially that now, I have to save for my China trip. -.-" Everything will be included except my personal expense. I will watch how I spend there.

China this December??!! O.O

October 7th, 2008 at 09:02 pm

I'm going to China this December for about five weeks! *glup* My... GOD. A dream come true!! Aaaaaah *jumps around*

Receive my tax money?

October 6th, 2008 at 04:13 pm

I received my tax money which is 70.65$... I am confused. -.-" Wasn't I suppose to received it last summer? Weird... Ah well *Dump in the Japan trip fund* More money for my trip ^.^

Old amount: 8849$
Amount add: 70$
Total amount:8919$

1081$ to go... And I have to ask my dad where the check came from. x)

Is there a future in being a Financial planner?

October 2nd, 2008 at 07:05 pm

My cousin told me that there is no future in the financial industry due to the market crash. We are heading for a recession... Is it true that they are cutting people who work in Finance? I do not like where this is going...