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Happy New Year from Vancouver!

December 31st, 2008 at 11:11 pm

I just arrived from Vancouver on December 31st around 8 am and I am having a jet lag throughout the day. I went to sleep at 2pm and woke up at 7pm. Still tired... And it's now 10 pm... I can go to the countdown in a club or something tonight since I am officially legal here. I remember when I was 16, I was completly left out of the fun for all the 19 years and up activities. The older students in my summer school didn't like hanging out with me because I was a immature kids and they can't bring me everywhere. Ha! Now I am 19!

I spent a month and a half in Vancouver when I was 16 and I know more than half of the places already. My dad asked me if I visit Vancouver major attraction places, I said yes. My dad asked me if I visit Victoria ville and Whistler yet. I said yes to both. Tomorrow, I am going to Seattle for the New Year and the day after, I'm going to visit the places I visit before.

So yeah... I'm off to bed right now ^.^! I wish you all the best for this year to come and good luck for all your future goals!

Merry Christmas from Xiamen!

December 24th, 2008 at 10:11 pm

Heeey everybody! I am in Xiamen, my mom's hometown. I am staying two more days here then I'm off to Hong Kong.

Guangzhou was great! I didn't take much pictures because I was scared that people will steal my camera. There's so much people there! It's a vibrant city and I see a lot of foreigners at this time of the year. Since it's Christmas time, the people in Guangzhou all went out of city to visit their relatives. There's a lot of people from Europe and I was surprise to see many Africains there. I stayed in a 6 stars hotel call Garden Hotel in a VIP room, we are about five in the room. Supposely it's cheaper to stay there than to stay in a standard room on holiday days. Let's just say, we are not comfortable being so many in a room... Haha... xD

I came to Xiamen two days ago... It has been great so far. Though, shopping here is a ripoff so I didn't buy much... Hahaha... Stuff in Xiamen is about 50% cheaper than Hong Kong, Macau and Guangzhou. Mostly because they are made of poorer quality.

My first day in Xiamen, I didn't do much. We are living at my dad's big old place on the country side. The inside of the house is pretty cold because there's no heater and it is mostly made of stone. The house looks like... What you see in a Chinese movie LOL. I have to take some pictures before I leave.

My second day, I went shopping at a mall. We went to a store... It's similair to Wal-Mart, they have everything there. They also sell live animal such as turtle, crabs, fishes and snakes.

Today, I went to my mom's relatives place. They brought me to an outside market where they sell all kind of food. The road is shared with walkers and motorcycles. I keep hearing motorcycles beeping every seconds although it's a way to tell the people who are walking to becareful. Also, I came back to my relatives place in motorcycle. It was my first time that I sat in a motorcycle, I feel so free!!

That's about it... The bad news I have so far is that my mom keeps bugging my brother and me about little things. She treats us like little kids. This morning when my aunt gave me a tissus paper, before I say thank you. My mom asks me what I should say after I receive my tissus paper. I mean... Hello?! I am 19 years old and I know how to say thank you and I always say that! We always have to argue with her because she loves to speak on our behalf and she treats us like we know nothing in an insulting way. I see how she is when she feels powerless in places that she doesn't know and she relies on my dad most of the time. Once she knows where she is and everything, she acts like she's all that. One thing that I hate is that she can be such a hypocrite, she is bitchy with us but when in front of other people, she acts like a good mother. That's my complain so far. My dad sometimes doesn't think twice before he talks... When it comes to make a joke out of it with my brother and me, it is quite funny... xD

That's all for now. I wish you all Merry Christmas!

In China right now

December 20th, 2008 at 05:58 pm

I was in Hong Kong last Saturday till Monday, Macau on Monday till Wednesday. Since Wednesday, I am near Guangdzou in a hot spring resort. It's my last day here and I am going to Guangdzou for two days, after I'm going to my mom's hometowm to visit relatives there.

My trip has been amazing so far, I've been to many places and I took a lot of pictures. Will upload them once I come back from my trip. Parents gave my brother and me money to buy a few things. I've been using it to buy clothes hehe.. Their selection of winter clothes are amazing in Hong Kong and Macau! Everything is on sale right now so I get them for 50% off the original price. Basically, I am paying clothes around the 10$ to 40$ range.

Today, I check my marks this semester and I failed Calculus II by 51%. I am staying optimistic and I will surely pass this semester that is coming. I hope to pick a good teacher this time.

Well guys... I'll get back to you guys on my trip if I get internet connection in Guangdzou or in my mom's hometown. I'll probably be in Hong Kong when I write my next post hihi... ^.^

Parents accept my decision

December 8th, 2008 at 09:23 pm

Well I haven't talk to my parents since last Friday. My parents ask my aunt to give me the message that whenever I need money, they will give me money when I need it. They don't want me to drop out of school... Well not like I plan to anyways.

So yeah... I got their support indirectly. I find it cowardly to ask my aunt to tell me that.

My mom was pissed for no reason yesterday because she assumed I didn't give back the luggages or something. She came to my room at midnight by opening the door with force and she just stares at me like she wanted to kill me. One of the reason why I don't like living in this house, my mom gets angry for no big deal.

Anyways... I moved all my stuff in my new appartment. Some stuff remain in my room but for now, I am going to wait till Wednesday to move out for sleep there. Hopefully, some stuff will be ready. For now, I am just going to study hard for my three final tests this week.

This Saturday to come, I am going to China. I won't be hanging out too much with my parents. We never get along when we are together. My mom spends her time caring what other people think of us and she criticized us. My dad likes to say random things wherever we go on a trip, like our trip to Florida almost two years ago. He talks bad on random people back on the street, restaurant... You name it. So yeah, my dad learns we need to go on our separated ways on some places like Hong Kong.

My stuff in my new appartment

December 5th, 2008 at 09:09 pm

I went to my appartment a few hours ago to put my things in and my flatmate let me choose which of the three rooms I want. I decided on the yellow room instead because it's so joyful and welcoming. I also like the pink and green room but it is not really my style. As for settling in, some things in the appartment are not yet install so I need to wait a few more days before I can settle in.

My dad keeps telling me that rent is expensive and he won't help me or give me any money. I already knew that part and that living by myself or with my flatmate is not easy at all. My mom badmouthes behind my back a few minutes ago with my brother saying that I trust people too much, my temper is so fierce that I will get beat up some days, as the days go by I become stupid and all that negative things.My brother just says : uuumm... He understands why I am leaving this house, parents are the main reasons why I want to leave.

Being Chinese leaving a house at age 19, especially for a girl is in a way... Controversial. There's so much negative things about moving out at a young age, especially when I am still in school. Whatever is the case, I need to cope with this. I have to do what I think is best for me. It may not seem like I have any Chinese values in me but... I've been taught it in a negative ways. My parents are too traditional and too close mind.

I am going to have difficulty in reuniting my family and not take them for granted for the first few days or weeks or even months. They just have this negative impressions on moving out. I can't even talk to them about it in a calm and respectful ways, I get insulted instead. My parents think they know me and how I will end up in the future. Well, I understand their point of view because I used to think like that. They can't see any positive sides of it because they've never got out of their comfort zone.

I say... Let the controversy begins. I am Chinese and I am moving out!

Moving out tomorrow

December 4th, 2008 at 10:11 am

I'm going to prepare my things tomorrow before 5pm. My friend asked her boyfriend's father to lend the moving truck to move my things. My family knows that I am moving out, my mom was quiet and she looks hurt today...

Well I can't do much. They took everything for granted until it's too late. I guess everybody does that in some ways... Anyways, I feel bad for hurting my parents but they have to understand that I need my own space, have my own life and... Just support me.I guess all I need for now is trust which they almost never do.

I talk with a coworker who knows a lot about appartment. She is going to talk to the owner about some things. With my flatmate, she just trusts people too much without asking any questions such as if he is going to come to the office often or something like that. Since I don't see the owner that much, I asked my flatmate to ask those questions but she always forgets to ask when he is there. she is kinda irresponsable in some ways... When it comes to ponctuality and remembering something... She is really really bad at it. She makes me worry sometimes but one thing for sure, when it comes to paying rent, she will have the money. Anyways, I need to talk to her tomorrow and established some rules. I know that things will change once we move in together.

Two things I will be expecting from her, she will be going out often and her friends will come over often. Of course, I won't let them come in when I have studying to do.

Officially moving out soon

December 1st, 2008 at 09:14 pm

My dad is hoping that I will give up by not helping me in anything.

Well I don't care, I am moving out. My dad will pay for my education like he said but the rest, he doesn't want to hear about it. That's fine with me.

I talked with my friend who I am going to live with. She told me the owner told her that we can have the key to the appartment right away. We decided on a date to move... Well, I want to move out this Friday or next Wednesday. Since I have prepared some stuff already, why not move out soon. I have stopped spending too much since I know I am going to move out soon.

Well... I have to see what my first month budget will look like. I hope that it will a great experience for me. I know I have to pay 325$ every month. This amount included everything like water, heat, trash fee,internet and all the basic applicances... Even couches for our living room, a double bed/sofa, a single bed, a refrigerator,etc. You get what I mean?!!! =O All we need to pay is our cellphone bill, food, electricity, bus pass, entertainment,etc. The owner might install a satellite cable for the whole building. OMG... We are so lucky.

My friend is going to ask the owner if he is going to come often to our appartment --> Office thingy tomorrow. Oh yeah. We also have to watch his little daughter (15 years old) and maybe his dog from time to time LOL. That will be cool. His daughter is very sweet, I saw her a couple of times at my workplace and she gets along very well with her dad.

So I gave my friend 160$ for the rent last week. I don't know if I have to pay the full rent price or not. Since I am going to China, I might pay a part of the 325$. Since I am comming back sooner than expected. Around the 31st or 1st January, I will work more. Hopefully, it will work out xD.

This will go to my sweet future category. It is a great experience for my friend and I.