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5 1/2 for 650$?!! *Jaw dropped*

November 29th, 2008 at 04:56 pm

Today, I went with my friend to see an appartment that a collegue (Let's called her B) from work suggested my friend. The guy who own the building is a friend of B and he gave us a very good price for the appartment.

The appartment is pretty big, there's a big salon, a normal size kitchen, there's one master bedroom and one relatively big bedroom and a small bedroom. The bathroom is small but I can live with that. We have all the things included like oven, dishwasher, washing machine, a dryer, sofas for the living room with a TV, a single bed and the guy is repairing everything in the apartment even repainting the wall. Basically, we only pay electricity or water (Don't remember which one), our cellphone, food and all personal expenses. Internet will be included also.

Reason why we have it so cheap is because he wants to use a part of our appartment as his office. Meaning, he uses a bedroom and turn it into an office. He's going to need a wireless internet and he said we can use it for free.

The location is EXCELLENT. It's near many grocery stores, blockbuster, many bus stops... Not to mention... It's 10 minutes of walk from my boyfriend's house!! What a deal!

So yeah... I talk with my friend who I'm living with in the future and we agree that this deal is sweet. The owner of the building ordered coffee from our workplace many times a day so he is our regular client... LOL By the way, he has a dog named Princess and it's a Tibetian dog. She is sooo adorable! She runs everywhere and she loves when we play with her.

The date that we are moving will be on the 15th of December. Although on the 13th of December, I'm going to China and I'm comming back on the 5th of January. My friend told me I can just pay 150$ for the rent since I'm not going to be there the whole month.

I calculated the monthly cost that I will be expecting to pay:

- Rent: 325$
- Bus pass: 45$
- Phone bill: 45$
- Beauty: 25$ (Will reduced the amount soon)
- Insurance for the appartment: $15-??/month

I'm going to expect other things but for now... This is what I'm going to be paying.

So yeah... I'll talk more about it later on. =D

Red day = Black Friday?

November 28th, 2008 at 08:41 pm

Today, my cousin wants me to come shopping with her because she told me Montreal is trying to make a Black Friday like the US. I was curious about it so I went to check it out. I also return the sweater I bought two or three weeks ago.

The sales are not that good. I told my cousin that the Red Day is like peanut to the US. I bought nothing except two sweaters brushers for 14$. I don't really like walking in St-Catherine, because the clothes look all the same and the stores are all mainstream. Not to mention, they are overprice for nothing. My cousin doesn't like it when I whine... But hey, I didn't feel like shopping today because I'm super tired from my hectic week in school. I didn't need anything in particular, just some sweaters. Though, they are still expensive and not warm enought.

Anyways, I don't think I'm going to be shopping for any clothes till the end of term. I'm going to China and I hope to find nice sweaters at very good price.

What can I say about the Red Day? It was not a success. Everything remains expensive and the crowd is not big.Boxing day is better.

I am moving out

November 25th, 2008 at 08:11 pm

I made my final decision now. I am going to move out come January and move in with a collegue at my workplace. She has the same age as me and she is only two days older than me. We both have similair family problems and similair goals.

Today, I went to eat with my dad, brother and sister to a restaurant. I figure it's a good time to tell him about me moving for real. As usual, he didn't take it easily and tell me that it doesn't make any sense and etc. I told him the reasons but less in details because you know... He wouldn't understand.

Since our point of view on this subject is different, I just leave it as simple as it is. He refused to help me in any ways except paying for my books for school. He tries to discourage me but I made it my final decision with my friend at work. I am simply not happy in my house and with everything going on so far. I think it's time for a new atmosphere... A new change and possibly, a way for me to grow up. I've been dying for something challenging.

The place that I am going to be living will be in the South Shore of Montreal. I prefer to stay in the Suburbs where it is less expensive and quieter. I hope to live near the bus station. That way, I will be close to my boyfriend's house, close to Montreal, close to take the buses to school and everything. The place near the bus station is unexpensive when I live with someone of course. I'm crossing my fingers that it will work out and I will find a nice place!

My O Noir experience

November 24th, 2008 at 06:40 pm

Yesterday at 9pm, I went to eat at O Noir restaurant with a friend.

It was a terrifying experience... I was eating my three courses meal in the dark without knowing if I finish my meal or not. I have to describe it in details... Hehe...

My friend and I went to the restaurant a little before 9 pm. The entrance is really small and a lot of people are waiting for their table. We check our coats in a little locker and we got in front of the counter to choose what we want. I chose the entry meal, main course and a dessert. My friend chose a entry meal and a main course. We have the choice between having a surprise entry meal, main course or dessert. I chose a surprise entry meal and a main course. The dessert, I choose the Venise chocolate cake. I am not too fond of the other dessert available so I want to avoid getting a dessert that I don't like.

After choosing what we want, we waited for our waiter. When the waiter came to get us, I had to put my hand on his left shoulder and my friend put his hands on my shoulder to go into the dark room. It was pretty scary and I was afraid of tripping into something or someone =S... Went we arrive at our table, the waiter instructed us where our table and chair are located.

The first thing our waiter gave us was two pieces of bread. I have this phobia of people touching me in the dark. Whenever my friend touched me, I jump and slap his hand. It was pretty funny... For him... LOL

My main entry was two pieces of ravioli. I had a hard time eating it... LOL To make sure I finish my ravioli, I put my hand on the plate. It was something that I never think of doing when I could see my meal but damn... It's so hard to eat when you can see nothing!! xD

My main course, I also have a hard time eating it. I was picking on my plate with my fork. I tried just using the folk to eat all my meals till the end, I tried grabbing my potato and it keeps running away from me. I gave us so I used my hand instead LOL.

For dessert, my friend did a trick on me. He took my plate away from me while I was eating my dessert. I tried grabbing a piece and when I grab nothing after two minutes, I thought I accidently flatten my cake.

While eating my food, there was a orchestra playing in the dark. Everybody was cheering and talking. Having a good time in the dark. The music they played was pretty good hehe... Also, it was someone birthday. We heard chant and there was a little light at the end of the room.

Sorry I have to write this quick, I have homework to do hehe... So yeah. We were the last to get out of the room. We got back to the main entrance... My eyes were shock to the light lol. I had a hard time adjusting myself to the light and everything for about two minutes.

The meal came at 75.34$ and my friend paid the tips. Overall, I had a great time. It really helps me understand how blind people live and I find them courageous to live their life like that. All the waiters are blind and they manage to have this outgoing personality. They manage to be pretty funny and talkative. There's no stain or anything on my clothes and I am pretty surprise that I made it through the three courses. Oh yeah... The food was good! Worth the money!

Anyways, I gotta go do my homework. ^.^

Emotional reasoning

November 22nd, 2008 at 09:04 am

It's my second posts of the day... Yeah. I am having a lot of depression lately. Probably thats why I feel useless somehow. Probably that's why I spend irrationally sometimes. Probably why I spend so much time on the computer listening to music. I just want to get out of this world.

My mom is cold with me, my dad is oversensitive about everything and my brother trying to put me down so he could feel better about himself. Worst of all, I feel like I don't have any worth in this family.

Last thursday, my mom took my sandals to my aunt. It's not the first time she does that to me so I was not happy about it. When I talked to my mom about it in a normal way (I was annoyed a little), my mom was super aggressive with me and accused me of being too oversensitive about it. I just want to tell her next time to just buy extra sandals for visitors, that way,I won't have any surprise... Meaning I won't find anyone with my sandals. She invents all sort of excuses as to why she can't buy an extra sandals for the visitors so I just gave up. I just told her that it's common sense that's all.

She did all sort of things to me in the past that hurt me so much. Even when I cry in front of her, she would just make things worst by telling my dad to yell at me again. I still remember two years or so ago, my aunt came over unexpectantly and slept on my bed with her son. When I came back from work and I was looking forward to sleep on my bed, I found my aunt on my bed and I learned that I have to sleep on the floor in the fourth floor. I just feel so insulted and I feel like someone whom she can toss around to make room for someone else. She just cares about her image. Even at her workplace, everybody hates her because she thinks she's all that and she tries to kick some people out of the business (My dad's brothers) by doing things behind their back.

I think I am moving out. I don't care about traveling as much anymore... Just staying in this house make me feel more depressed. My dad will probably act like a jerk again. Insulting me and everything. When he is being an ass, you can't reason with him...

Skin so dry...

November 22nd, 2008 at 07:11 am

Both sides of my neck and my legs are so dry lately. Dermatologist said I have enzyma. Gosh... I have to get my medicine at the pharmacie today.

This year, I've been getting all kind of skin problems. Is it because of the weather?

When I went to Morocco beach where my friend's live. After going for a swim and exposing myself to the sun, my skin gets those red spot everyone. I have to see the doctor to see if I am allergic to salt water. I don't want to wait 4 hours... -.-" Here in Quebec, we are running short on doctors. So the waitline is really long. Since our health care system is practically free for everywhere (Thanks to our taxing system), people don't need to pay hundreds even thousands of dollars to see the doctor. Probably that's why all the doctors go to the United State, they privatize them and they get pay more than the doctors here. However, I don't like my dermatogolist. She looks burn out and she gets mad easily. I think I'm going to see another one.

A big spend day

November 21st, 2008 at 08:27 pm

Today was one of those very rare moments where I spend up to 100$ in a day. No it's not clothes!

I bought a digital camera, an MP3 and some soaps for my body and oil blotter sheet.

It cost me in total 550$. Here a little break down of all this.

My Canon SD770IS camera: 199.99
A 4 GB memory card: 24.99$
Canon case: 30.99$
My blue 8BG Zune MP3: 149.99$
Insurance for my camera: 49.99$ (Garantie for 2 years, since I am going to be traveling more often from now on. I don't want to risk it from breaking unexpectantly. Since I am clumsy, I kinda want it...)

With tax, it comes out to 514.66$

I went to Clinique to buy acne soap. Since I am very sensitive to the parfums one my mom bought and I sweat alot=have a few acne on my body. The clinique works for me. I bought two of them because I don't want to go back once per two months to get it. Two of the soaps cost me 30$. I tried the oil blotter sheet there which cost me 17.99$. I haven't tried it yet but I heard good review about it so I'm going to try it out. Though, I'm likely going to China to buy them since they are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper.

Total with a 10% discount: I paid 49.27$

Total spend for the day: 563.93$

Also, I talk to my boyfriend about the Japan trip. He said he is going to take the Jet program. So... I am free to do whatever I want with the money for my Japan trip. Though I plan to spend some on my Challenge money to buy a camera and an MP3 player for awhile. It's been years that I've been thinking about buying a camera and mp3. Since I am no techno-pro here. I just bought whatever is in my price range and that I am satisfied with. I predict no big spending for the next weeks to come. Though, my challenge money will suffer a little bit.

Here goes:

Old amount: 9800$
Deducted: - 565$
New amount: 9235$

I am happy. No more fighting over the camera with my brother and dad. No more word called "Sharing" in the house with me. Since sharing is a very very dangerous word in the house because of my dad obviously, it's better not to share.

By the way, I envy you people from the United State. You guys get no taxes like 13.5%, get the best internet shopping selection and... get a lot of awesome coupons. There not much difference here when it comes to electronics, clothes and such. There's not much of big sales... Only little sales here and there. With the high taxes, we get most of the things paid such as health care, education and such. I feel lucky... Though not much for clothing and such. =(

We are starting to have outlet stores where I live and I bought awesome summer shoes last summer, 2 pairs of shoes for 30$!! We also have an outlet Ardene store where they sell 10 pairs of socks and + for 10$.

You can see pictures of my purchase that I took from the internet and I post it on my blog. I also took pictures of my outfit today. ^.^

Money going up!

November 20th, 2008 at 02:26 pm

I received my paycheck today which is 180$ and I'm going to return some stuff tomorrow which I will get 100$ back. Since I've been working less lately, I earn less.

Old amount: 9600$
+ 200$
New amount: 9800$

200$ to go!

I'm keeping 80$ to go eat dinner on Sunday with a friend. I promised to pay for his dinner since he paid for me last time. Hopefully, I will get leftover on this. I bring this much just in case it is expensive.

The restaurant I'm going to go eat is called O Noir. It's a restaurant where we sit in a dark room and we get served by blind servants. There's only one in Canada which is in Montreal.

Here the website:

It is a little expensive but for an experience like this, I don't mind paying a little more for it. Hopefully, it will get my mind off of school and my family (Dad again).

Hectic week

November 19th, 2008 at 08:01 pm

This week is getting really hectic. I have all kind of school work to do and a lot of exams. Arrrg... so stressful! Though, I'm hanging on. So far, I talked to my Calulus II teacher to postponed the test for next week if he can. He said he can do it for me... So yeah! I took this opportunity because I don't want to fail Cal II!!

Tomorrow will be a very busy day and I will be running everywhere. These past few days, it is getting harder to have a computer because everyone is using it for games, school works and etc. Arrg...

Oh yeah... I received my phone bill and they overcharge me on things that I didn't use. I couldn't reach to a representative today but I'm going to be calling them tomorrow again.

By the way, I have a NPD!! I'm happy I didn't spend any $$ on food today. xD

That's all I have to say. Have a good night =D !

No budget for Christmas presents this year

November 18th, 2008 at 11:18 am

I'm not a fond believer of giving gifts in Christmas. That's why I don't put it in my priority list to save. I never celebrate Christmas or New Year with my parents because they are always working at this time of the year.

However, I only give birthday presents to those I truly care in my life.

Giving gifts at Christmas times is not celebrated in my family. I think it's great because we never associated Christmas with gifts, it's a holiday for us. Though, we don't celebrate it like everyone else in Canada because it's not our culture. Thank god I have my boyfriend's family side to celebrate with. xD Too bad I'm going to China this year... I won't get to celebrate my first Christmas with GuiGui. =O

Back to the saving world

November 12th, 2008 at 05:32 pm

I haven't post since October 19th. Well it was time well rested. Now I'm back to the saving mode.

My challenge money went up to 9600$. I put my paycheck there from working. Thus, my boyfriend decided to take a one year program to teach in Japan after getting his bachelor degree in University. I also think it will be less stress for him. Since we decided to go in 2011 and he has to save at least 10 000$ by working in summer. I guess it's better that he works there instead and I will visit him which will also reduce my traveling spending. It's not 100% sure yet. I am still glad that I save this much money though... I can go to another destination if I want. =P

I am going to China in one month and one day. I am also planning to go to New York with some friends next April. So... Plenty of traveling to come. I would like to buy a new camera. I can't share the camera with my dad because he is not the type of person you would like to share. Meaning, he takes full advantage of it even go as far as going to your stuff to find the camera when he needs it... Only time he asks me for the camera is when he can't find it.