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Back from my trip since last Tuesday

July 28th, 2008 at 10:52 pm

Heey everybody!

I'm back from my trip since last Tuesday but I didn't have the time to write anything because I was busy working, working and working.

I am now at my fifth day of work today and tomorrow will be my last day of work before my break on Wednesday. Then I'm on the row again for five days of work. I don't mind at all since I'm making money right now before I start school. The reason why I got that many hours of work right now is because half of the full-time staff are in vacation... It's a great opportunity to make $$$!! With the money earn this summer, I will save a big chunk of it.

Back to my trip, I had a great time and I learn many interesting things there. It actually put my view in a brand new perspective which I was looking forward to. My friend's mother always keep telling me that the Christina before and after my trip will not be the same again. It's true!! Well how? I don't really know. I feel like I achieved a goal made four years ago and I have mature from this trip. I feel like I know Morocco more than ever and I consider my friend's family as mine.

It's getting late now and I need to wake up early to see travel agencies which I will tell you guys a little later. ;-) On my next post, I will tell you about basic things tourist or traveler needs to know about Morocco. ^.^

Good night!

Here something you guys should look forward to! ;-)