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Selling on ebay soon

July 10th, 2009 at 11:16 pm

I still have things to get rid off in my closet so I decided to sell them on ebay. I figure out what kind of style I want and I am going to be doing some more clean up and probably a bit more shopping.

I also add to the challenge last week from my paycheck and this is how much I have now: $363.38

Adding $6.25 to the challenge

June 21st, 2009 at 09:16 am

I got $6.25 of change to put into my challenge. Now I have $230.52!

You know these days, I've been trying to figure out a way to get out of my negative thoughts. Life is not as bad as it seems, my parents may not be that great... I got some great friends who can make my life more better.

I didn't go shopping on the 19th, I figure I need to go out a few times and try to come up with an outfit with the things I have. That way, I will know what I am missing.

By the way, the wonderful news is... My very close friend and her little brother finally moved out of her abusive father house and she is now living with her mother whom she hasn't seen for three years. I am happy for her. When she was living with her dad, she couldn't do anything without his permission or she'll get beaten. Now her dad is going to try to change for the better.

Paycheck arrived

June 18th, 2009 at 04:10 pm

I finally got my paycheck and I earned $310.68. I took 40% of this paycheck toward my challenge money which is $124.27.

This amount is not much and I could've put 50% more. Since I'm going to rebuild my wardrobe with this money and pay some of my bills such as cellphone, bus card and more. I will decide if I will contribute more later. This percentage is what I am the more comfortable at.

My birthday is coming soon and 27 days of no shopping

June 16th, 2009 at 01:12 pm

I spend almost a month of no shopping and it's funny but I don't feel the need to shop as much as before. It's a good feeling... Probably because I didn't go out a lot these past few days. I'm still looking for clothes that are easy to mix and match. I got the basic down and I need more cardigans and jackets of all kind.

Last Saturday, I ask my coworker if she has taken anything from my donation. She said she loves everything, only the pants and a pair of boots are given to charity. I didn't know my clothes would be liked by her and her sister too! I guess I could've sell them but now it's too late. I learned my lesson. I'm glad that people like my taste... LOL

Before the 19th, I'm going to make a list of what I need after I look through my closet. After the 19th, I'm going to go shopping around. By the way, my birthday is on the 20th of June... I can't wait! I'm turning 20. On the eve of my birthday, I was thinking of eating and playing pool at a local bar with a couple of friends. The next day after work, I'm going to Old Montreal to walk around and to take picture.

Next year, I'm taking a semester off to go to China in May or somewhere close, I also have the time to see my friend in Switzerland, go to Japan and visit my godbrother in Singapore. The problems are the following, I don't know if I have enought money and time for all of this. I'm planning to study Mandarin for at least 4 months (Beijing three months and Shanghai one month), my dad probably wants me to visit many parts of China so he would probably sign me up on a tour bus and pay for it. I might visit Switzerland for two weeks or less around April to see a few of my friends whom I met in Vancouver almost four years ago. I want to go to Japan for maybe a week or two in April too. After Japan, I'm thinking of going directly there to China to Beijing or Shanghai. Singapore will be hard to fit in there. It's a bit difficult to guess now. xD My university entrance is in September so I'll be back on time next year. I have approximatly five months to travel. Going to Switzerland than going to Japan and after China, the distance is quite large.

For money, I have a mutual funds dedicated for my travel and I have around $7000 in there. I put money inside since I was 17, almost three years ago. The economy in Canada at the moment is not quite good and I lost around 1k or 2k in my mutual funds. The date where I can take out the money is on August 2009, about a month and a half from today. I'm planning not to touch it until next year, I hope the economy will get a bit better.

Sorry for my rambling a lot here, I guess what is important right now is to find ways to earn money. Speaking of money, I recently counted my piggy bank and I got $77.10 inside. I put all my change there for months now and I accumulated quite a lot. Since it's summer at the moment, I'm planning to pay %40 of my paycheck toward my travel and I'm going to try to earn money in other ways. I'm not good at doing other things then finding a job... ._." I'm not creative enought and I don't have an entrepreneur mind either. I guess for now, I'll probably help out my aunt at her store for extra money. I'm going to set the savings bar at $2000 now. I hope to save this amount this summer, if I can. lol

By the way, I add $22.90 from my bank to my savings. I have $100 now and $1900 to go.

Big jump for challenge money

February 14th, 2009 at 09:15 pm

I have 502.24$ more for my challenge money!!

Old amount: $500
new amount: $502.24
Total: 1002.24

I am thinking of taking belly dance class to get over my breakup and I always want to learn this type of dance. It's 140$ for 7 courses so I'm going to check it out next week. I was thinking of maybe joining a gym or something with my CB where they have all kind of courses offer. It would be nice.

Happy Valentine day everyone!

Fresh out of depression

January 22nd, 2009 at 07:06 pm

I did not do anything stupid these past few days due to depression lol... More like spending time with my friends and my boyfriend.

For my challenge, I spend a little of it on clothes a week ago so I am good for now. My mutual funds have the biggest loss, I lost 2000$ dollars due to the recession so I am down to 5200$. My money in the bank has dropped significantly. Since I had 7200$ in mutual funds before, I will not included it in my challenge money. Who knows what will happend with the rest of the money this year... Hopefull, I will let it sit there and wait till it goes up. I don't need the money right now or in the near future.

Next Monday, I am starting my 4th semester in College. I am very excited to go back... I am getting really bored of having one month and a half of vacation now... Can't wait to go back. Not to mention, I have a nice schedule this semester. I cleaned my room and the bathroom today. I'm very happy at the result... My room look very welcoming. There's a few box here and there that I need to get rid of. For now, I guess I am just going to rest and think about it tomorrow.

Since last Friday, I did not spend anything other than a dinner and a movie with a friend I haven't seen for awhile. I watched the Unborn and the movie was pretty good. The plot actually make sense.

My next trip this summer is London for one to two weeks, 70% of chance that I'm going. If my savings go well or I don't plan on taking any summer courses. I have saved 500$ so far for the trip and I need approximatly another 1500$ for it. Hopefully, it will go well. I hope...

I know I keep changing my challenge money... I still have a lot of trips to do with my money lol.

Pictures of my trip in China will be posted soon!

Money going up!

November 20th, 2008 at 02:26 pm

I received my paycheck today which is 180$ and I'm going to return some stuff tomorrow which I will get 100$ back. Since I've been working less lately, I earn less.

Old amount: 9600$
+ 200$
New amount: 9800$

200$ to go!

I'm keeping 80$ to go eat dinner on Sunday with a friend. I promised to pay for his dinner since he paid for me last time. Hopefully, I will get leftover on this. I bring this much just in case it is expensive.

The restaurant I'm going to go eat is called O Noir. It's a restaurant where we sit in a dark room and we get served by blind servants. There's only one in Canada which is in Montreal.

Here the website:

It is a little expensive but for an experience like this, I don't mind paying a little more for it. Hopefully, it will get my mind off of school and my family (Dad again).

Back to the saving world

November 12th, 2008 at 05:32 pm

I haven't post since October 19th. Well it was time well rested. Now I'm back to the saving mode.

My challenge money went up to 9600$. I put my paycheck there from working. Thus, my boyfriend decided to take a one year program to teach in Japan after getting his bachelor degree in University. I also think it will be less stress for him. Since we decided to go in 2011 and he has to save at least 10 000$ by working in summer. I guess it's better that he works there instead and I will visit him which will also reduce my traveling spending. It's not 100% sure yet. I am still glad that I save this much money though... I can go to another destination if I want. =P

I am going to China in one month and one day. I am also planning to go to New York with some friends next April. So... Plenty of traveling to come. I would like to buy a new camera. I can't share the camera with my dad because he is not the type of person you would like to share. Meaning, he takes full advantage of it even go as far as going to your stuff to find the camera when he needs it... Only time he asks me for the camera is when he can't find it.

Receive my tax money?

October 6th, 2008 at 04:13 pm

I received my tax money which is 70.65$... I am confused. -.-" Wasn't I suppose to received it last summer? Weird... Ah well *Dump in the Japan trip fund* More money for my trip ^.^

Old amount: 8849$
Amount add: 70$
Total amount:8919$

1081$ to go... And I have to ask my dad where the check came from. x)

Challenge going up !

September 14th, 2008 at 05:23 pm

Got my paycheck last Thursday.

Old amount: 8534$
+ 315$
I have 1151$ to go! =D

Tips and books selling

August 31st, 2008 at 06:32 pm

I am adding 80$ from my tip money that I earned from three days of work. I will also add 50$ from selling my books which I will receive this week.

Old amount: 8404$
+ 130$
New amount: 8534$

Some spending on my paycheck

August 30th, 2008 at 08:59 pm

I got my paycheck this Thursday which is around 432.59$.

I pay my phone bill which is 50$. The bill was way less than that which is around 43$ but I want to put a fix amount each month. If I calculate right, there will be a month where I don't need to pay my bill. I will continue to put 50$ per month because it is easier for me.

Now I have 382.59$ left. I bought a pair of black jeans at American Eagle for 67.17$. Hehe... I haven't bought any for quite some time. Well I don't need to buy any more jeans since I have 7 pairs which two, I don't wear as often as the others. Now I have eight pair of jeans. The new jeans have different color than my other jeans, it is in black pair and I like American Eagle jeans. Anyways, I haven't been shopping for clothes ever since I came back from Morocco. All I remember buying here are shoes which I got a lot of them for a good price. Plus, I used my tip $ to buy them ^.^

382.59$ left - 67.17$ = 315.42$.

Another thing... I realized that I want a black tote. Well I wanted to buy one that is classic and big enought to carry my books. I found one at Nine West which is 110$. It was a simple black one with nice pattern. I felt guilty lately because I've been spending a lot this summer in Morocco.

Although, I got 15$ off from it (Initially 125$), the tote bag is still expensive. Kiwii said she'll never spend that much on a bag. Same with me too. I don't find trendy or cute design bag that appealing, especially when I realized that I like a the classy bag more than others. I love my tote and I may feel guilty of spending a lot of money. I also have a swiss schoolbag which I carry often to school when I have to bring many books. I find bothersome to bring a schoolbag everyday. On some days, I need to bring a few books to school and a tote is all I need.

Overall, I don't hold that much of regret of choosing this bag over all the others. It is big and strong enought to carry around campus where as the other bags look fragile. The color is black so it is easier to wear with any clothes. I usually wear my school bags till it worn out. In another word, I will use it often. =D

I spend 315.42$ - 124.30$ = 191.12$

Also, I have my skin lotion which is 73.12$. I am planning to reduce that amount sooner but I have to see my items when it arrived to see if it's worth it.

191.12$ - 73.12$ = 118$

Still it is wrong to spend that much. I know.

I will put the rest of the money in my challenge:

Old amount: 8286$
+ 118$
New amount: 8404$

I know that there are things I can avoid. This month, my spending got way out of control. I will try to not spend on Septemeber to calm my spendy way. I will get back to you guys a little later. I will be quite busy this weekend.

On my next post, I will talk about my sudden shopping urge... I need to talk about it on my next post. Possibly that my voyage in Morocco has affected me somehow. O.O I don't quite understand how...

Money for my challenge

August 14th, 2008 at 10:28 am

Hey everybody! Sorry didn't have the time to post up the basic things that tourists and travellers should know about Morocco. I will post up tonight for sure!

Anyways, I got my paycheck this week and it was 593$.

I will put it in my challenge money:

Old amount: 7693$
+ 593
New amount 8286$

1714$ to go!! WOOHOOO!! If I didn't use my tips, I don't need to save more but I want to enjoy my summer fully. Once school starts, I will be back to my frugal mode.

My trip review

August 3rd, 2008 at 11:30 am

Well it's been a few days since I didn't write anything. Too busy working working and working. I promise to write more for the days to come. Just that I have nothing new except reporting my earnings.

I earn 244.10$ from my last paycheck last Thursday from 30 hours of work. I pay my credit card bill 36.91$ from buying skin lotions. Now I have 207.19$ left with 155$ tips. I am planning 50$ for my phone bill and... possibly a bus card that is going to cost me 45$ this month. That left me with 267$.

When I was in Morocco, I spend approximatly 455.02$ more than I plan on spending which is 1455$. Unfortunatly, I will have to take that out from my Japan trip. Luckily, my tips and my paycheck last week helped me bring that number up and now I have 7693$ on my Japan trip. ^.^ The reason why I overspend by almost 500$ is because I want to enjoy as much as I can there and I want to buy many typical Moroccan stuffs.

My friend keeps telling me to enjoy as much as I can because most of these stuff are either expensive or non-existant in Canada. It's true by the way ^.^! Well the fashion there are much more advance so I bought many of their clothes for less than 20$ each. I got a cute Zara dress for less than 8$ Canadian which was a steal. They have many factories such as Zara,Mango and all many of the European brands even Levis.

In general, the country is very advance in fashion because they are near Europe and they are not as conservative as many thinks. There were women dress like here but to prevent harassement from men, we have to wear a t-shirt that cover our shoulder and a knee lenght skirt or pants.

The things there are not expensive either because of the revenues of the general population. For me, I consider it cheap but for them, it is expensive. My friend's family couldn't afford many typical Moroccan things because of the inflation and they are exporting their product to other part of the world like Europe, Asia and America.

I could talk forever about my trip but now I have to go to work. I will talk more about my trip later and I will post a few pictures up. =D

Hope you all have a good day!

Paycheck has arrived!!

June 19th, 2008 at 12:18 pm

I got my paycheck today! It is 432.59$ because I work at least 18 hours more these past two weeks!! Wooohooo!!

Okay first, I have to pay my phone bill which is 43.56$. Compare to the last bill, it has been reduced by around 7$! I am so happy!

Paycheck: 432.59$ - 43.56$ = 389.03$

I decided to use my paycheck to pay my phone bill. Paying through my weekly allowance may not work because it is summer now and I would like to enjoy with my friends and boyfriend as much as possible. I would revise my paying methods once school starts.I also decided to put the 30$/week allowance to the school year instead. My summer will be more expensive than I expected. =P

What I decide to do is put my tips as my spending log for the summer. I can spend on activities but once it's gone, I can't go out anymore. So far, it's been working great and I didn't have to pull out the money in my bank anymore because I spend my time working 3-4 times/week and I go out around 2-3 times/week. Most of the days, I either spend time with my boyfriend which I frequently almost spend 0$ and with my friends whom I spend 10$-20$. The most expensive activities that I will have to pay is my outing in the theater with my boyfriend's family in July/August and my trip to the waterpark with my boyfriend's family or my friends.

As you can see, I am trying to enjoy my summer by not spending all my paycheck ^.^'. As for the 389.03$, I will put 389$ in my challenge money.

Old amount: 7271$ + 389$
New amount: 7660$

A little update here and there

June 9th, 2008 at 11:30 am

Hey everybody,

For my plan to go to the health center to check if I need any additional shots. Well the weather wasn't too good this past few days except this weekend. I hope to go on Wednesday morning seeing that I work in the afternoon.

My Tina suggestion on Asian artists will be up soon, I'm trying to pick th best artists from Japanese singers and Chinese singers that I find good to present to you guys. It will be up somewhere this week when I have time.

Last thursday, I receive my paycheck. It was 279.75$. My dad asked me to pay the maintenance guy in my credit card first so he'll pay me back after. It cost 87.99$ and I got 90$ back from my dad. He tells me to keep the change so I earned 2$ ^.^!! I paid 31.49$ on skin lotion this month because I order in the phone something that will might take care of my oily skin and my sudden blemish. I have 250.27$ left. I'm putting the 200$ in my conservative clothes and 50$ in my Japan trip.

As for my challenge money, I have 221$ instead of 255$ in my bank. Damn... I should really write it down in this blog to make sure I won't have any sudden surprise. Anyways what is done is done.

Old amount: 7221$
New amount: 7271$

For my allowance last week, I used up all my 30$. I dunno if I will use the allowance to pay up my phone bill and skin lotion. I'll thinki about it later.

For my conservative clothes shopping, I didn't go last Friday so I'm going this Friday for sure. I'll put up a list once I decided what I need to buy. I have to go to work now.

Over 7000$ in mutual funds!!

May 23rd, 2008 at 10:58 am

Last night, I talked with my financial advisor to see how much I have in my mutual fund. I have over 7000$ in there!! By next year, I can pull out all the money without penalty and transfer part of it to my name.

My dad refuses to sign anything that has to do with deposit my money or transfer to my name because again for reason such as "she's a bad person!" without any proofs or whatsoever. I had no choice but to pull out my money in order to have it in my name. Part of the money was for my travel fund initially which I will put it in my Japan trip. Although I can open a new account after my Morocco trip for future only and take the money in my mutual funds with my dad name on it for my Japan trip or take at least 5000$ in it for the trip. Then again, it is not till August 2009 that I can take it out. I could also put it in another mutual fund for another two years. Ummm... That sounds like a good idea.

Japan trip:
Old amount: 255$
New amount: 7255$

When I finially get a 10000$, I might add 2000$ to visit China and Tibet a little bit with my boyfriend. I guess we'll see about that next year. I'm sure I won't spend 10 000$ in my stay in Japan. I'm going to stay there for a least a month, the only person who will wipe out my money is my dear friend whom doesn't want me to mention his/her name. Other than that, I will surely have some left overs... Unless there's too much things to do there. My boyfriend said he wants to try everything. xD Well... Gotta enjoy while we can there. Haha... I can't wait.

I save 5$ today!

May 22nd, 2008 at 04:33 pm

I save 5$ from my laser hair treatment. The lady gave me rebate for referring a new client to her. Now I only pay 40$ for the next four treatments. OMG I'm so happy =D

My weekly allowance exceed this week so next week, I only have 20$. Although, I'm planning to have only 15$ and put the 5$ in one of my ticker. I think I will put it in my Japan trip ^.^!! Yes!!

Old amount: 250$
New amount: 255$

I'm going to call my financial advisor tonight to see how much I have in my travel mutual fund. The one where I open when I was 17 years old. Hopefully, I can take it out next year and another one of my mutual for my future to put in my name this time. This way, I can put my money without my dad approval. Since he does not like my advisor for non important reasons, I will still stay with her because she has been very honest with me so far and I trust her enough to manage my money.

Today it's official...

May 22nd, 2008 at 04:22 pm


I finished my French writting exam and I received my paycheck ^.^!!

I got 323.33$ YES!!

The bad news is... I bought black shoes for work so I spend around 90$ for it. There's no nicer shoes that was less than this or they don't have my size. *Sigh*

So yeah I need to pay back in my credit card.

323.33 - 90.29$ = 233.04$

Nooo.. My future digital camera =(

Here what I will put the money in...

Digital camera: 200$
Japan trip: 30$
The 3.40$ will stay in my bank xD.

Digital camera:
Old amount: 0$
New amount: 200$

Japan trip:
Old amount: 220$
New amount: 250$

Miscalculation in my challenge money

May 21st, 2008 at 01:15 pm

I recount my challenge money for Japan and there's only 220$ in it!! OMG... I totally miscalculated the amount. Darn it!

Hitting another hundred

May 18th, 2008 at 02:18 pm

This weekend, I received 58$ tips from work. I work double shifts yesterday (13 hours) because I was covering part of my friend work so she could go out with her boyfriend. I was really tired today at work and I was half asleep. It was a bad idea to work 7am to 3pm and 6pm to 11pm yesterday. I was literally dead when I work from 7 am to 3pm today. I didn't get enought sleep and I made a lot of little mistakes.

I count the hours that I work so far, I did 40 hours of work in two weeks. This thursday, I'm expecting a paycheck around 300$. When the paycheck arrive in my bank account, I will put part of the money in my digital camera and part of it in my challenge money. I'm still thinking about the allowance I will be giving myself each week and have my boyfriend give it to me instead. I trust him on holding my bank card and my credit card for awhile.

Let's take a look at my challenge money:

Old amount: 230$
New amount: 320$

I add 50$ from my tips to my challenge money, another 30$ from my bank (I have around 90$ in my bank account right now) and 10$ from my piggy bank.

Also, I took out my France trip and my Cuba trip. I don't think I will have enought money for France by next year because of my Japan trip and I prefer to see my friends in London and in the north of France 2009 for two weeks (Still not sure yet).As for Cuba, my boyfriend suggested me a beach place in the US last Friday which it will be way less expensive than Cuba. He said it's an unknown destination between Florida and Walt-Disney where we can go by car. I might go there with two other couple if they are available next winter. If not, then there's always another destination to choose from. I have to make sure it is something my boyfriend can afford, he is not crazy like me who wants to go everywhere and he might not work when school starts again.

By the way, some people are concern about me traveling alone but I prefer to travel at my own ease. I don't want to feel restrain by anyone. If I want to go somewhere and nobody want to go I don't care, I'm going to travel to that destination anyways. Of course I will take precaution and I will make sure that the destination I go to is safe for me.

Weekly income

May 11th, 2008 at 04:38 pm

I started working yesterday for the first time in five months at Tim Hortons. I started out at the sandwich counter which was stressing for me because it has been awhile I haven't went through that much stress but I kept my cool all day and today too. I was surprise that I remember many things at work. I really look like I haven't left at all.

Let's see how much tips I got in these two days. Yesterday, tip was 31$ and today, it was 29$. In total, I got 60$ of tip. The 1$ went into my piggy bank and the 30$ went in my personal spending money for Morocco (I was missing 100$). My 25$ today will go to the Japan trip saving.

Old amount: 205$
New Amount: 230$

The 4$ left will also go to my piggy bank.

From now on, I'll be getting a weekly income which is the tips and bi-weekly another income. I hope to be able to save at least 2000$ this summer by working a lot before and after my Morocco trip and before school start.

One week and a half left of school

May 4th, 2008 at 02:57 pm

Starting tomorrow, I will have a week and a half left of school which is great. I will get to work a little to contribute in my 20$ challenge money. Not to mention... It's almost my trip to Morocco! Yes!!

I count my piggy bank and my allowance money from my parents. I have accumulates 100$ for my challenge money.

Old amount: 105$
New amount: 205$

My 20$ challenge goal

April 13th, 2008 at 07:42 am

I decide to concentrate my challenge money toward the Japan trip now.

I know things have not been well lately in my family especially with my dad. I had stopped working for my dad because I don't feel like dealing with money anymore and that he gets the message that I had enough. I explained to him and he didn't say anything. I guess I won't be hearing about money for awhile... Well not until when summer start.

The 105$ was from my piggy bank and I also have around 7 000$ in my mutual fund. Probably half is for my future and the other half is for my trip. I have around around 3500$ for Japan. I'm still mad at myself that I didn't keep the 4000$ that I had saved. Well I guess what's done is done.