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Taking some risks right now

February 19th, 2009 at 06:22 pm

I decided to put the money that I saved up for London into Mutual funds. I am planning to go to China only next year to study Mandarin. I might go to New York this summer which I only need a certain amount of money which I can accumulate in the future.

I am really going to concentrate on my future and traveling will be next year. I don't worry about the market going down at this moment, I still have plenty of years to go and I hardly need any of the money right now except... Going shopping haha... xD

My weakness!

February 17th, 2009 at 05:53 pm

I am sooo weak when it comes to clothes... Now that I've found some nice sweaters... Hehe.

I bought clothes before school starts and none after that which is a huge improvement. I decided to take my friend's advice about buying clothes. Once a month, buy a sweater/jeans/shoes or whatever you like, just one. Basically, I get whatever I want or need on clothes only once per month. It just possible because... I have a lot of clothes already and I already took out my unwanted clothes last month when I move back in to my house.

Since I am not going to London now, I would really like to use this money to inject it into the market. I won't be using this money for awhile... I will be working throughout the semester and I am not planning any future trips for a little while. If I keep it in my bank, it will run a possibility of me using the money on clothes. I am pretty good at buying clothes that I will love for a very long time but I have enought to last me the seasons already. xD

Working out

February 17th, 2009 at 05:41 pm

I don't think I would be able to go take bellyclasses this semester especially when it's cold outside and I finish pretty late in most days.

I went to my local gym area where they offer all kind of classes and a physical condition all equip with a trainer. My muscles lately have been very weak lately and just using my treadmill will just not do. I would very much like to sign myself up for a membership for a year since it's about 10 minutes of walk from my house and my schedule fit with the hours avalaible.

The cost for a year is $528 including tax and membership cost. Initially, the membership cost 100$ but they have it on special this week until Friday. The payment per month after the first month is 34$. The first month however is 158$. However, a memebership for 2 months and a half is 258$.Although... I was thinking long term. I'll think about it.

As for my trip in London, I decided to stay in Canada this summer mostly because I want to take summer school. I told my friend I won't be going. However, I might go to New York this July for three days if everything goes well and the Canadian dollars is not too low.

Big jump for challenge money

February 14th, 2009 at 09:15 pm

I have 502.24$ more for my challenge money!!

Old amount: $500
new amount: $502.24
Total: 1002.24

I am thinking of taking belly dance class to get over my breakup and I always want to learn this type of dance. It's 140$ for 7 courses so I'm going to check it out next week. I was thinking of maybe joining a gym or something with my CB where they have all kind of courses offer. It would be nice.

Happy Valentine day everyone!

Picture time

February 11th, 2009 at 02:12 pm

I will post more pictures from my trip later on. I seem to have problems uploading them. I started taking a picture of my outfit and my new haircut outside and it turns out pretty good.

I feel like I am in a manga...

I will post my challenge money soon.

Continuing the year 2009 being single

February 10th, 2009 at 07:49 am

Well that's it people... My boyfriend broke up with me last Sunday because he was confused with his feelings toward me. He just wants us to remain friends for now.

There's some tears here and there... I don't think that matter that much. I knew it will come sooner or later when I came back from China, especially with the way he treats me on the very first day of my return. I called GuiGui on that day and his dad said he will call me back. Throughout the afternoon, I received no phone call from him. When his parents drove me back to his house on that day, he doesn't look happy when he saw me and he already knew that I called him.

We are on a break right now he told me. Honestly,I treat it more like a breakup than anything else. I can't put up with this anymore. I tried my best to keep this relationship going and he just gave up trying. He is quite the opposite of me and he doesn't seem to accept or love me the way I am. Most importantly, he sees himself as being alone in life. Then so be it.

Yesterday, I went to see a couple of my friends to talk it out. I talk with a good friend of mine for hours about it and he said with all the effort I put in the relationship, I deserve better. I guess I do.

Anyways, I have to write out my challenge money this week. I save a bundle so far. =)

4th semester started

February 1st, 2009 at 11:12 pm

I started my 4th semester last Monday and I had fun.

It was Chinese New Year on that day so I wore a beautiful red bracelet that I bought from a street seller in Guangzhou for less than 10$ with my belge sweater. Needless to say, it looks cool and festive hihi... Gotta post the picture of it later on.

My first day, I had three classes that day from 8 am to 6pm with a long 4 hours break in between class. I used my break by going to my brother's (non-relative) appartment with a friend to get my math books. Then I went to eat with my friend in a Vietnamese restaurant. I volunteer to pay for his meal because it was his first time eating something different from what he is used to. As you can see, he from Haiti (black) and he wanted to try something new. I introduced him to a meal that composed to rice,egg, beef and vegetable with sweet sauce. He likes it. I also introduced him to bubble tea