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Planning for Morocco part 3

June 30th, 2008 at 08:58 am

Heey everybody! That day has finally come and I am happy to tell you guys that I take care of everything already for my trip today!

Here are the total of everything:

Flight ticket: 1380$
RBC Insurance: 65$ (all included)
Shot for hepetite A: 85$
Medicines for diarrhea: 27.07$
Money for Morocco: 1000$

Total: 2557.07$

I am going to buy two or three little things at the DollarStore! Can't wait! When I come back, I will tell you all about my trip =D !!

One week left before my trip!

June 23rd, 2008 at 09:37 am

Today, I will be checking out some insurance to see if they offer any at a unexpensive price. Then I will prepare my luggage to see if I am missing anything.

Work lately has been terrible because of the overwhelming crowd and we are short of workers at Tim Hortons in the morning. I got super cranky with some of the customers and one coworker because of the overwhelming stress. I am sorry that I didn't act professionally, I will try to do better next time!

I ask my dad about the medical insurance and he said that he can't get the money back. Ah well... My dad never clearly explain to me about the insurance thingy because he acts annoy. Things have been going bad with my dad lately but I don't care for now.

I am officially 19 today!! =D

June 20th, 2008 at 08:00 am

Today June 20th, it is the day this year that I will turn 19. Man I still feel like I'm 16 years old! ^.^

My plans today is to eat a little barbecue at my house at lunch time and if it's not raining then I will go walk in Old Montreal with some of my friends and my boyfriend. At 7pm, I will be eating at a friend's restaurant with 9 other people till 9 pm. I hope it will be great although the weather today is not very nice ^.^".

So yeah that is my schedule for today! Today will be a little spendy that usual. =P

Artists that I love part 2!

June 19th, 2008 at 01:42 pm

Welcome to Tina's suggestion part 2!!

This topic will cover all the asian artists I personally love! ^.^

The first artist I would like to present to you guys is Utada Hikaru. She's a popular japanese singer who hasn't been in the media for awhile now but she still comes out with a song here and there. She comes from the United State so you'll notice she speaks perfect English. I love her old and new songs. She always comes out with quality musics. Except her English album which was a huge disappointement in my opinion.

Here are some of her old songs:






Here are some of her recent songs:




Her cover of the English song of Boulevard of the broken dream:


Another of my favourite Japanese singer is Chihiro Onitsuka, she is not too present in the media since the early 2000:





Another Japanese singer is Mika Nakashima, I love her sense of style and how she is always willing to try a new style. Her songs are not all good... Some are even boring because she sings mellow but some of her songs are good :



Her representing a character NaNa in a Japanese movie, she plays a struggling rock singer:



Another one who is pretty recent, she became famous from the movie NaNa where she is the singer of Trapness in the movie:

Here is her singing the song Endless Love from the movie:



Songs comming from her debut album:



One of her recent song:


A Japanese rock/pop group, they are not really popular but I love their songs.




Here are some of my favourite Chinese singer:

Jay Chou, he was really famous for his way of singing the songs until alot of singers start imitating him. Some of his songs have some meaningful meaning and he is kinda weird in his video =P:


This song is about listen to mother (ting mama de hua):





Another great artis is David Tao :

A song about his ex-girlfriend:






Another one is a Cantonese singer, Janice:


The English version of big brother:


There are more but I have to do some cleaning in my house. You guys can look up those artists from their name ^.^!

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Paycheck has arrived!!

June 19th, 2008 at 12:18 pm

I got my paycheck today! It is 432.59$ because I work at least 18 hours more these past two weeks!! Wooohooo!!

Okay first, I have to pay my phone bill which is 43.56$. Compare to the last bill, it has been reduced by around 7$! I am so happy!

Paycheck: 432.59$ - 43.56$ = 389.03$

I decided to use my paycheck to pay my phone bill. Paying through my weekly allowance may not work because it is summer now and I would like to enjoy with my friends and boyfriend as much as possible. I would revise my paying methods once school starts.I also decided to put the 30$/week allowance to the school year instead. My summer will be more expensive than I expected. =P

What I decide to do is put my tips as my spending log for the summer. I can spend on activities but once it's gone, I can't go out anymore. So far, it's been working great and I didn't have to pull out the money in my bank anymore because I spend my time working 3-4 times/week and I go out around 2-3 times/week. Most of the days, I either spend time with my boyfriend which I frequently almost spend 0$ and with my friends whom I spend 10$-20$. The most expensive activities that I will have to pay is my outing in the theater with my boyfriend's family in July/August and my trip to the waterpark with my boyfriend's family or my friends.

As you can see, I am trying to enjoy my summer by not spending all my paycheck ^.^'. As for the 389.03$, I will put 389$ in my challenge money.

Old amount: 7271$ + 389$
New amount: 7660$

Took my rendez vous

June 17th, 2008 at 05:05 pm

I took my rendez-vous for the shots today for my Morocco trip. I just need to do a shot for Hepetit A and the next one will be in six months. So I have to do two in total which will last for 20 years. It cost me 85$ for the first shot and 27.07$ for the diarrhea pills (in case I get diarrhea there).

I am thinking of taking it out on my conservative clothes. Seeing that I don't need any clothes now for there. I can buy something there to cover myself up if I have to wear something really conservative. For the time being, my friend reassures me that where she lives, they dress more liberally. I can always buy those big scarf too so I won't need to worry.

So far, I spend 45.14$ on shoes. I spend 85$ on hepetit A shot and I spend 27.07$ on pills for diarrhea. So far I spend 157.21$. O.O Man that is A LOT!! I have 42.79$ left. If I can get some money back on my dad's assurance then I will spend less on medication. =P I will keep you guys update on that.

Shopping result

June 13th, 2008 at 11:13 pm

Well I went shopping today with my friend without a shopping list. I knew what I wanted to buy which is a pair of walking black shoes for Morocco. I found a pair for 39.99$ + tax. It was a comfty one and a very nice pair.

My friend paid my clothes that sell at her workplace. She paid all for me and I was so happy!! At the same time, I felt bad for letting her pay me a dress, a skirt and a shirt. They are 45$ with her 50% rebate. OMG... I got three nice things for free and I am happy. It's the nicest material gifts that I receive in my life so far. =P

The store that the clothes are from are very good quality clothes. My black tank top that I bought three years ago is still in very good condition. It went through many washes and it still looks like the first time I bought it. It was 12$ but it was worth the price!!

Anyways, for the conservative clothes. I bought a pair of nice flats to match with my black pants. For the conservative clothes, I'm thinking of buying them in Morocco. I have two conservative t-shirt that I can wear when I arrive there. I can also buy a big thin scarf there to hide my neck part or I can buy the traditional clothes.

So yeah, I will take care of the rest of the conservative money later.

A little update here and there

June 9th, 2008 at 11:30 am

Hey everybody,

For my plan to go to the health center to check if I need any additional shots. Well the weather wasn't too good this past few days except this weekend. I hope to go on Wednesday morning seeing that I work in the afternoon.

My Tina suggestion on Asian artists will be up soon, I'm trying to pick th best artists from Japanese singers and Chinese singers that I find good to present to you guys. It will be up somewhere this week when I have time.

Last thursday, I receive my paycheck. It was 279.75$. My dad asked me to pay the maintenance guy in my credit card first so he'll pay me back after. It cost 87.99$ and I got 90$ back from my dad. He tells me to keep the change so I earned 2$ ^.^!! I paid 31.49$ on skin lotion this month because I order in the phone something that will might take care of my oily skin and my sudden blemish. I have 250.27$ left. I'm putting the 200$ in my conservative clothes and 50$ in my Japan trip.

As for my challenge money, I have 221$ instead of 255$ in my bank. Damn... I should really write it down in this blog to make sure I won't have any sudden surprise. Anyways what is done is done.

Old amount: 7221$
New amount: 7271$

For my allowance last week, I used up all my 30$. I dunno if I will use the allowance to pay up my phone bill and skin lotion. I'll thinki about it later.

For my conservative clothes shopping, I didn't go last Friday so I'm going this Friday for sure. I'll put up a list once I decided what I need to buy. I have to go to work now.

Planning for Morocco part 2

June 3rd, 2008 at 08:17 pm

I've been asking Moroccains who come from Morocco about how the people dress. Many and even many recent people who immigrates to Canada all said that the people dress like here. Although, my friend in Morocco said that I can wear clothes from here to there, I need to bring one or two shirts when they go to somewhere where they require conservative clothes.

People who never been to Morocco all tell me to dress super conservatively. For all of you who worries,yes I will bring 1-3 conservative shirts and one or two conservative pants. As I will be living near a beach, I can wear my summerwear. Keep in mind, I don't dress showy like what you think an 18 years old dress like. I dress conservative enought.

Last thursday, I went to Costco to buy a Ombrelle 30 sps extreme sun cream. It's my second bottle for the summer and I will bring them to Morocco too. I figure one bottle isn't enought so I bought two.

For my medical check up, I didn't have the time last Friday because I spend a great deal of time looking at my friend appartement and doing the cleaning in the house. I will probably go tomorrow.

This Friday, I will be going shopping for conservative clothes with my friend. A list will be put up soon probably tomorrow or Thursday.

Making choices

June 3rd, 2008 at 08:04 pm

I decided I'm not moving in a new appartement. It may seems like a good deal but I think I can manage in finding a good place to study when school starts and I prefer to travel then to live in an appartement.

I took the digital camera ticker out because my dad is going to give me his camera when he buys an iphone soon. He also said he will give me his car in two years if he decided to buy a new one. I don't want to buy an insurance but maybe when I find a good job and my dad car is still good, I will take it.

This week, I get my 30$ allowance and I already used 5$ to repay my boyfriend back. I got 25$ to go for this week. As for my conservative clothes, I will put some money in this week when I received my paycheck.