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Paycheck has arrived!!

June 19th, 2008 at 12:18 pm

I got my paycheck today! It is 432.59$ because I work at least 18 hours more these past two weeks!! Wooohooo!!

Okay first, I have to pay my phone bill which is 43.56$. Compare to the last bill, it has been reduced by around 7$! I am so happy!

Paycheck: 432.59$ - 43.56$ = 389.03$

I decided to use my paycheck to pay my phone bill. Paying through my weekly allowance may not work because it is summer now and I would like to enjoy with my friends and boyfriend as much as possible. I would revise my paying methods once school starts.I also decided to put the 30$/week allowance to the school year instead. My summer will be more expensive than I expected. =P

What I decide to do is put my tips as my spending log for the summer. I can spend on activities but once it's gone, I can't go out anymore. So far, it's been working great and I didn't have to pull out the money in my bank anymore because I spend my time working 3-4 times/week and I go out around 2-3 times/week. Most of the days, I either spend time with my boyfriend which I frequently almost spend 0$ and with my friends whom I spend 10$-20$. The most expensive activities that I will have to pay is my outing in the theater with my boyfriend's family in July/August and my trip to the waterpark with my boyfriend's family or my friends.

As you can see, I am trying to enjoy my summer by not spending all my paycheck ^.^'. As for the 389.03$, I will put 389$ in my challenge money.

Old amount: 7271$ + 389$
New amount: 7660$

2 Responses to “Paycheck has arrived!!”

  1. managinglife Says:

    Great savings and spending plan!

  2. shiela Says:

    Hey Happy Birthday!
    Was just reading your "About Me" profile and realised it's your birthday. Enjoy your summer.

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