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Today it's official...

May 22nd, 2008 at 04:22 pm


I finished my French writting exam and I received my paycheck ^.^!!

I got 323.33$ YES!!

The bad news is... I bought black shoes for work so I spend around 90$ for it. There's no nicer shoes that was less than this or they don't have my size. *Sigh*

So yeah I need to pay back in my credit card.

323.33 - 90.29$ = 233.04$

Nooo.. My future digital camera =(

Here what I will put the money in...

Digital camera: 200$
Japan trip: 30$
The 3.40$ will stay in my bank xD.

Digital camera:
Old amount: 0$
New amount: 200$

Japan trip:
Old amount: 220$
New amount: 250$

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