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Weekly income

May 11th, 2008 at 04:38 pm

I started working yesterday for the first time in five months at Tim Hortons. I started out at the sandwich counter which was stressing for me because it has been awhile I haven't went through that much stress but I kept my cool all day and today too. I was surprise that I remember many things at work. I really look like I haven't left at all.

Let's see how much tips I got in these two days. Yesterday, tip was 31$ and today, it was 29$. In total, I got 60$ of tip. The 1$ went into my piggy bank and the 30$ went in my personal spending money for Morocco (I was missing 100$). My 25$ today will go to the Japan trip saving.

Old amount: 205$
New Amount: 230$

The 4$ left will also go to my piggy bank.

From now on, I'll be getting a weekly income which is the tips and bi-weekly another income. I hope to be able to save at least 2000$ this summer by working a lot before and after my Morocco trip and before school start.

1 Responses to “Weekly income”

  1. k1w11 Says:

    Nice you get tips. Well good luck ^_^ and I still think you shouldn't go to France UNLESS you go with me or your boyfriend =)

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