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No spend day!

September 29th, 2008 at 10:20 pm

I didn't spend a dime today which is incredible!! I usually spend around 5$ per day. Today... NOT A PENNY! =D

I will be alright

September 28th, 2008 at 08:32 pm

Thanks for the comments on my last post. It was not directly at me but to all my family. I cannot tell anymore details. I was hurt and frustrated so I need to vent. I am alright now... I am feeling a lot more calmer.

Corruption... Corruption...Corruption...

September 27th, 2008 at 09:17 pm

Yesterday, I learned a dark secret that just frustrated me so much. I can't tell you guys because it's quite serious but it's about money. I can't believe some people are willing to do anything to live a luxurious life... To build their status... To... *angry* And it's happening to people close to me. Does money make people do that to other people? How can they be so selfish?

Looking for ways to save money

September 26th, 2008 at 03:07 pm

I need to buy the book "A passage to India" by E.M.Foster near the end of the semester. I am planning to go search for the book near my library. I can rent the book up to four weeks and I can return it when the semester over. That way, I can save 20$ on a book I will never read again when I'm done with my English class.

Next semester, I am going to sell my French books to commerce students. By that time, they will need these books and usually, French books rarely change editions.

I ordered a gift card from the airmile website with my airmiles that I've accumulated over two years. I ordered a 50$ card from Indigo/chapters. I can order my Tamia, Corneille and Keyshia Cole CD for almost free. Probably only spend 5$ including shipping. I will think about it.

By the way, I got a haircut last week and it costed me 50$ including tips. YIKES!! He asked me if I want to style it and I said yes. I thought it will cost under 40$ but it costs more than I expected. Next time, I am just getting a haircut which will cost me 25$. However, I don't think I really want to trust my hairdresser. He intimated me somehow and I suspect he is taking advantage of my shyness to get more money. Though, he cuts my hair very nicely and I am overally satisfied. Next time, I am standing up for myself. I am his friken customer for god sake and I am paying for a service! Anyways, I will try to look for other hairdresser as good as him. The one I have now is a professional and he knows what looks good on me.

Wonder how I look like in real life?

September 26th, 2008 at 01:06 pm

I put a profile picture up in an anime style. This is close to how I look like in real life and the clothes that the anime wears is similair to what I wore yesterday. Kiwii made the character for me. I am Chinese by the way, that is why the anime has slanted eyes. duh! =P

Historic moment for Christina

September 19th, 2008 at 07:20 pm


donate 20$ to the Aid foundation today. Yes everybody... A whole 20$ bill into the donation box. The guy was shocked... Why I donate? Two reasons. 1. my aunt told me to give what you can. I remember my aunt giving 20$ to the foundation and she doesn't make much. 2. I told myself, if I am willing to spend 20$ on random stuff like food without thinking twice. Then I am willing to give 20$ without thinking twice but... For a good cause.

There you go... I never donate more than 3$ in my life. I made history. *write in Christina biography*

Cancel my Amazon orders

September 19th, 2008 at 11:27 am

Here I go again... I cancelled the item because I realized... NO MONEY SAVE FOR IT!!!

I prefer to save for my Japan trip than those for the moments.

Why I love my boyfriend so much

September 14th, 2008 at 09:31 pm

Lately, my boyfriend and I are really busy with school and work that we barely have the time to see each other.

Seeing him today for the first time in three weeks made us happy. Though the time spend together was short (2 hours), we manage to talk... Well I'm the one who does the talking most of the time. *sigh* So much to say so little time!

When we were waiting for my bus to come, we started talking about Americans culture, European culture and Asian culture. This time, I'm not doing the talking! He is... And when he starts talking, I feel in awe because it's so interesting. After our conversation, I felt so deeply in love with my boyfriend... I mean... I've been having some bad times lately and I can't seem to find the motivation to study because I was quite depressed. He made me want to learn new things... Learn about other cultures. To keep on going. I admit I was stuck into the superficiel side for a moment and I got depressed. GuiGui woke me up unintentionally by talking at what he is best at; asian cultures. xD

This is the man I was chasing for... A simple guy who is so knowledgable... who also loves challenge. I don't know how many times I said it to people around me but... You can't find a guy like this easily! He's mine!

Enjoying the scenary at Beaver Lake on Mount-Royal

September 13th, 2008 at 03:25 pm

I went trail hiking with my physical education class today at 9:30am to 1:30pm. I wish I had brought my camera with me! The view up there was amazing! Plus the weather was wonderful!! My legs are soared from all the walking but I feel satisfied. Not to mention that it was free!! I didn't even pay a penny to walk around that place.

In October, I'm thinking of going back there with my boyfriend. I hope the weather will be as wonderful as today and I'll remember to bring my camera for all you guys to see.

me against the weather

September 5th, 2008 at 09:09 pm

Lately, it has been really hot. I try to dress according to the weather, sometimes it's hard. Since it's getting hot lately.

My #1 motto in dressing is to dress classy without baring too much. Especially at school where sometimes, a babydoll shirt and a pair of booty short are too much for school. While I don't mind girls wearing those kind of things. I care how I dress and how people perceive me.

So, my question every morning is... What can I wear today without being revealing? I try to dress different everyday. For example, Monday = t-shirt and skirt, Tuesday = tank top and 1/2 jeans, Wednesday = 1/2 shoulder t-shirt and shorts, Thursday = Dress and Friday = t-shirt and jeans. I also add jewelries to make the outfit stand out more. With my dozens of jewelries, it is easy to wear the same thing and put a different jewelries everytime. I like to wear the big colourful jewelries from time to time. So far, I haven't wore them but I am itching to wear them next week ^.^.

Anyhow, the problem is... I don't want to wear shorts and tank top to school (Will totally destroy my motto of classyness)and I don't want to wear the same type of clothing everyday. I like to be able to diversify my image. The reasons why I see this as a problem are: #1 I like to adopt different style to make an image of me as open person. #2: I want to wear many of my summer clothes before the season is over. (I feel like I waste $ even though, I could wear them next summer). #3: I love clothes. You guys should know that. xP

Ouf... Glad to let it out of my system.

Things that matter to me part 2

September 5th, 2008 at 08:47 pm

Sorry I cut short my part 1. I didn't have the time to write more. Today, I don't need to work but I was on a depression so I need to find something to make me feel better.

What other things are important to me too?

Beauty: I don't wear makeup but I care a lot about my skin. That's why sometimes, I am ready to pay more to get a nice healthy skin. Having skin free helps a lot on our confidence. I am trying to find one that is inexpensive and that I am satisfy with. I am bless with healthy shiny hair and a healthy body figure from my parents. Just the skin area that both of them are bad at. I am trying to drink plenty of water and see the dermatologist next week to reduce my spending on beauty.

Socializing: I need to go out from time to time, if I don't. I will go crazy and probably suffer depression. Probably the reason why I spend so much. When I learn how to manage my time wisely, I would like to make time with my friends before exams period start. My type of activities are simple. I would like to go eat at a new restaurant (From another culture) , go bowling, go to the movie or anything simple. As long as I'm spending time with them, I'm happy.

Music: I listen to music almost everyday. It brings my mood up and I feel like dancing. Probably the reason why I'm always on the computer xD. It is known that listening to a type of music kinda define your personality.

Those are other things that matter for me for the time being. The rest, I don't remember lol... I'll probably post other blogs about it some other day if I remember.

Oh yeah, I have people who are important to me too but I guess it is like most people. I don't need to talk about it. xD

Things that matter to me part 1

September 2nd, 2008 at 07:14 pm


Instead of talking the usual topic, I would like to talk about things that are important to me.

I guess one that's obvious is traveling. I love to visit many places, learn the culture and eat different food. If I had all the time in the world, I would spend a majority of my time just living in different countries for a few months. My parents would literally flip if I decide to take three years off just wandering around the world. I wouldn't mind if time was not an issue though.

What are my next travel destination to come next year? So many places I want to visit... Just so little time. I told a friend I will visit him in London next summer. He finished school at the end of June. As for accomodation, I don't know anyone who I can go, my friend is not from there. He is from Switzerland and he will go study in London in about two weeks for a year. I guess I will go there for two weeks, one week in London and one week somewhere in France. It is going to be costy. If I change my idea, it would be either Ecuador or Spain and Morocco. Still not decided yet.

Another thing that is important to me is photograph. I love taking pictures of different things. Whenever I see something beautiful, I just wish I had a camera with me. In my Morocco trip, I tried taking as many shot as possible. I want to take pictures that perfectly describe the moment.

This is my favourite picture of all my Morocco pictures... I have way too much pictures to post that I tried to reduce the numbers as much as possible. This is from the country side:

What's the story in the picture? =)

Part 2 : Coming soon.

My past with money

September 1st, 2008 at 06:25 pm

Hey everybody,

for the past few blogs, I have been talking about money. Literally all my blogs are about this particular topic. I wish to diversify this blog as much as possible. Therefore, I will try to talk about things that are important to me on my next post. I just feel like I should past this out before telling you guys what other things are important to me.

Broken_Arrow asked me once why I like money so much. I don't know how to explain it as it is very hard to me to actually put it in a more concrete way.

I guess part of the money obsession is my family. When I was much younger, I was seven if I remember correctly. I used to earn my money at my dad's place and my dad taught me how to put money in the bank. I remembered I was so happy putting money in the bank and seeing it grow each day. My parents were so proud of me. My brother? Well he was a spender and still is. Whenever he gets pay by my parents, he spends it right away. He always try to make me spend my money, I guess is out of jealousy.

At the age of 13, I started spending my money like crazy and I like the feeling of it.My dad trusts me in putting my bank card in my possession at age 15. Guess I let him down when I spend 1000$ in two months. My dad took back the card by force and he got really manipulative. My mom made it worst, by humiliating me with people at her workplace. She starts talking bad about me and how much clothes I have. In reality, I don't have much clothes. I really don't know where I spend my money.

When I went to Vancouver to learn English for a month and a half at the age of 16, I asked my dad to raise my pay since I need money for my trip. My dad decides to raise me to 5$/hour and I work hard. In the end, I manage to spend a big part of it and I had 500$ left for my trip. My dad was so furious at me that he took my money and tell me to do without. I was so furious at him and tell him to take everything, I don't need anything. I guess we both act on feeling. This incident left me a scar. Although, my dad gave my money back and he gave put 500$ on my bank whenever I need it, I still remember this incident like it was yesterday.

The rest... You guys probably know on my ex-blog. I got obsess about saving money. I was not thinking about the future... I guess the reason why I want to save is because of my past. I have manipulative parents and I had to fought long and hard for them to leave me alone with money. Ever since I earn money of my own, my dad literaly is trying to manipulate my finance. When the incident happend where I gave all my money, my dad finally understood not to ask me for money or anything related to it because I will get really aggressive.

I don't know how to summarise this and hope that somebody will explain to me.

On my next post, I will talk what other things are important to me.

Confession of a smart shopper

September 1st, 2008 at 12:53 pm

Okay guys, Joan made me realized that I talk a lot about money. On my next post, I will talk more about myself. Promise!

I will try not to label myself as a shopaholic and here are the reasons.

I love being stylish but I do not buy random pieces. When I find something I love, I try to think of different outfits I can match up with. If it does not match with anything and it's cheap (surprisely), I don't bother buying no matter what the price is. This how I differ from Kiwii. My cousine told me that it doesn't matter if she doesn't find anything to match with, she will eventually find something. I have some stuff that I barely wear like my bubble skirt. Sometimes, it's true that keeping it over time, I will find something perfect to match with it. But still... It's better not take a big risk at buying random stuff.

If I spend a lot for something, my rule is it's better be something that I wear for a long time and doesn't go out in style next season. My last big purchase before my nine west bag is a Ralph Lauren sunglass that I bought for less than 150$ in Morocco. My last purchase before that one is my dark wash jeans that cost me 100$ last winter. My biggest purchase ever was when I was 16 and I bought a 200$ pair of jeans. What happened to my 200$ pair of jeans? I still wear it =). It's a True Religion jeans and I love how it looks on me. Got it for three years and wear it so much that I lost track of count. It's still in superbe condition.

Now when I tell you all this in one paragraph, it may seem like... Wow... Christina spends alot! Well if you look at my usual purchases. You can see that I do not spend a lot. I don't brag around telling everybody that I spend this and that.

When I was a kid, I used to buy random stuff and wear the same outfit with the same pair of jeans over and over again till I get bored of it. Now, I try to put different outfits together (Especially with my summer clothes) by buying skirts,shorts and pants. To add another different touch to it, I add accessories. I used to throw/donate many clothes each four to five months. Last week, I cleaned my closet and I only threw/donate away three shirts/a pair of sandals/broken tote bag and...a very rusty necklace (That I hate)The last time I threw away many unwanted clothes was a year and a half ago. Big improvement from just a few months to a year and a half. Of course, I can't keep all the clothes I have for years to come. But I always try to make my purchase last in any ways that I can.

Confession of a shopaholic

August 31st, 2008 at 07:09 pm

I am concerned at my own spending ways. Somehow, I think my trip in Morocco has affected me in a way. You see... People there are very couscious of how they look. Well many of them. Even my friend, especially her big sister. She has so many clothes(Way more than me) and it is important for her to keep up-to-date in fashion or else, she will be look down upon by everybody.If you don't dress well there, you don't get any proper services. While it may seem farfetch to you guys, it is true in Morocco.

In a way, I seem to bring that along with me. I love looking stylish. I turn into a shopaholic in shoes and bags recently. I bought many pairs of shoes and one bag here in Canada so far. Oh yeah and a pair of jeans too. It ate up a big chunk of my paycheck this week, so I am quite worry about my future paycheck. Especially my challenge!! But I looooooooove having things that complete my outfit. I used to be more simple than now.

This week, I shop with Kiwii. She is one of those people who tell you to buy this and that because is cheap,cute or whatever. My spending behaviour also comes from her.

My cousine... God, she uses to be one of those 'I hate shopping'. Lately, she gets really excited when she hears the word shopping! Sometimes, she scares me... Especially the last time we went shopping, she was looking at all kind of shoes. We both love shoes so when I am with her, there's a huge chance I will buy a pair of something... -.-"

Overall, the place I live is full of shopaholics. Hey... I should expect that comming from a consumer society. My boyfriend let me free in the wild while he is doing the monk. My boyfriend is a monk while his girlfriend is a... Consumer of today society? What do we call those people?

Anyways, my next post will be 'Confessin of a smart shopper'. I may turn into a shopaholic but I can be smart in my purchases! ;-)

School started yesterday

August 26th, 2008 at 02:33 pm

Yesterday was my first day of school. I had five hours of break before my next class, I could go home but I didn't want to spend a ticket. Since it is the end of the month, buying a bus card for the month of August would be useless.

Today was my second day of school, another five hours of break with nothing to do.

Tomorrow? Another five hours of break but this time, I will have homework.

My schedule this week is pretty bad although I will use those time to do my homework to kill time.

I spend on lunch yesterday and today, I bought food with me.

From now on, I will bring my lunch with me.

How was school? Well... It was boring because of my long breaks. It was weird seeing all those new students from this fall. I felt like the big sister of those kids. Hopefully, I have grown from my first year in cegep.

One week left before my trip!

June 23rd, 2008 at 09:37 am

Today, I will be checking out some insurance to see if they offer any at a unexpensive price. Then I will prepare my luggage to see if I am missing anything.

Work lately has been terrible because of the overwhelming crowd and we are short of workers at Tim Hortons in the morning. I got super cranky with some of the customers and one coworker because of the overwhelming stress. I am sorry that I didn't act professionally, I will try to do better next time!

I ask my dad about the medical insurance and he said that he can't get the money back. Ah well... My dad never clearly explain to me about the insurance thingy because he acts annoy. Things have been going bad with my dad lately but I don't care for now.

I am officially 19 today!! =D

June 20th, 2008 at 08:00 am

Today June 20th, it is the day this year that I will turn 19. Man I still feel like I'm 16 years old! ^.^

My plans today is to eat a little barbecue at my house at lunch time and if it's not raining then I will go walk in Old Montreal with some of my friends and my boyfriend. At 7pm, I will be eating at a friend's restaurant with 9 other people till 9 pm. I hope it will be great although the weather today is not very nice ^.^".

So yeah that is my schedule for today! Today will be a little spendy that usual. =P

Making choices

June 3rd, 2008 at 08:04 pm

I decided I'm not moving in a new appartement. It may seems like a good deal but I think I can manage in finding a good place to study when school starts and I prefer to travel then to live in an appartement.

I took the digital camera ticker out because my dad is going to give me his camera when he buys an iphone soon. He also said he will give me his car in two years if he decided to buy a new one. I don't want to buy an insurance but maybe when I find a good job and my dad car is still good, I will take it.

This week, I get my 30$ allowance and I already used 5$ to repay my boyfriend back. I got 25$ to go for this week. As for my conservative clothes, I will put some money in this week when I received my paycheck.

Thinking of moving out

May 30th, 2008 at 06:35 pm

Hey everybody,

Well I'm thinking of moving out to an apartement that my godbrother suggested me to his friend and girlfriend.

The appartement is a condo style place, I get a room for myself, plenty of closet space and I find it big and comfortable enought. It's a few walks from the bus station, in front of a shopping centre, in front of a Loblaw grocery store and there's two bus next to the appartement where I can take it to go to school right away. In the morning, I don't need to walk 10-15 min to a bus station and I don't need to take two buses to go to school in the afternoon. The only downfall is that I have to work to be able to pay the rent, food, utilities and all my personal needs. Not to forget cooking for myself... Which I suck at it but the people who I am going to live with will teach me how to cook.

Here what the monthly cost for different things will be:

Rent/utilities/cable/internet: 350$
Phone bill: 45$
Bus card:45$
Food: 100$

Total: 540$

Monthly needs:
Skin product: 24.45$
Laser treatment: 40$
cosmetic/other: 30$

Total: 94.45$

Total: 634.45$

My dad is going to give me the monthly allowance (200$) and he will pay my school fees and books)

Reduce 200$ from the total: 434.45$

I earn close to 690$ per month at Tim Hortons so I will get to save 1/3. Although I have to be prepare for any hidden fee such as entertainement. The appartement will include a swimming pool and a gym to work out. All I have to pay is the key to enter there and I can bring a friend or two to workout.

Another disavantage is that I won't get to save for my Japan trip as fast as I would like. Also, I will have to get serious about saving. Since living with my parents, all over the limit purchase are forgivable since... Well I don't have to pay for anything.

My dad was seriously not supportive of me moving because he thinks I won't be able to concentrate on my studies and all that. He won't help me in anything at all and I have to convince him to give me the allowance and pay for my books. I just asked him if he could bring me to places where I can buy furnitures. He thought I was going to take care of anything. Can't I have any guidance DAD?!!

The reasons why I want to move are plenty. There are times this house gets violent and it's usually in school times. It makes me stress because of problems at home and I can't concentrate well in school. Moving out into a new environnement will make me more responsible and I will learn how to cook, clean and everything. Most of all, it will open my eyes to the real world. My parents overprotect me because they've heard all kind of horror stories but I wanna prove to them that I can be on my own and that I will take precaution in things. It seems that this family especially in all side of my family tries to lead me into the right path. What right path?! If you guys try to overprotect me then I will be friken miserable in my life. I know that my decisions may not be the best all the time but I will learn from my mistakes and I will grow.

Anyways,if I got to my final decision then I will start moving on August 1st. By then, I will get to save as much as possible before that date, hopefully ^.^

5$ less in phone bill

May 24th, 2008 at 09:00 pm

I called this morning to get rid of the 5$ text option. The customer service said my next bill will have 1/2 of the 5$. I don't mind anyways because I get to spend spend 2.50$ less and no more 5$ extra the one after this. I'm happy!

My shift at work is 3 to 11 pm and I got 22$ tips. Tomorrow I work 8am to 3pm. Let's see how much tips I'll get this weekend =P

Paycheck should come tomorrow

May 21st, 2008 at 05:39 pm

Guess what I also have tomorrow? A French writting exam!

Technically, my first paycheck at Tim Hortons and my final French exam are both coming tomorrow. With the money that I get in my paycheck, I hope to get at least 300$ so I can put a mass amount in my digital camera and a little bit on my Japan or other savings. If I get more hours in the weekdays starting next week, I will earn at least 1000$ before I go to Morocco.

I add conservative clothes option because when I go to Morocco, I will need conservative shirts. The ones that I have are too revealing for them. I'll probably won't spend all 200$ because most of them will be shirts and one/two skirts. The clothes are not only for Morocco, they are for other conservative countries that I might visit someday.

I have yet to decide how much I receive as allowance per week. My boyfriend agrees on taking care of giving me the allowance because well... He will get to see me at least once a week. Hehe! It's a good deal. I get to control my spending money and he gets to see me once a week. I'll probably get 30$/week. Not sure yet. It is a lot but I want to pay some things such as laser hair treatment for the armpits and for outings with friends in the summer.

The reason why I get a laser hair treatment is my personal choice. My armpits are really sensible to razors, I dislike chemical lotion a lot and I always hurt myself when I pluck it with a twiser. With laser hair treatment, I won't have any armpits hair forever. It is expensive though, around 370$ for 8 treatments. I have to go to the salon every 6 weeks to get it done. I am at my fifth one tomorrow and my hair is almost gone. It is growing less and less each treatment and I am super happy. It is worth the money.

If I get 30$/week... That makes 120$/month for the summer. If I start my allowance in June. Let see...

120$ monthly allowance that I have estimate that I will spend:

- Laser hair treatment: 45$
- Going out with my boyfriend: 40$
- Going out with friends: 20$

Total: 105$
Left over: 15$

Thank god I have an easy going boyfriend. We barely spend on anything in school days. For summer, I am sure we will spend 40$ per month because we will be going clubbing for the first time together on my birthday. We will split our taxi cost with another couple and we are planning to sleep in a tent near GuiGui house. The taxi might cost 10$/each because we will be about 4-5 riding the taxi together. It will surely cut the cost by a lot, probably by 5-6$ not sure yet.

My summer vacation will probably be a spendy time since I'm not in school and I want to enjoy my first summer in college while I can.

Well I'm done rambling. Thanks for reading this. xD

Getting my job back

May 7th, 2008 at 08:00 pm

I'm going to start working this weekend at Tim Hortons. Aaah yes, I'm taking my job back because I want to earn money and it's the job that I see myself doing for the moment. I figure that I need a job with good pay and time can pass really fast. Since I don't want to work too many days but many hours in one day, Tim Hortons is the best choice so far.

I'll be able to contribute to my challenge money from now on.

Thinking of applying for summer school

April 13th, 2008 at 08:21 pm

I want to apply for summer school this year to catch up on my English. I dropped English last semester because I was not at the right level and they couldn't change me. Summer school will be from 9-12 in the morning for four weeks. I'll finish three days before my trip.

Kiwii suggested me to prospone my trip till mid-July so I can take calculus II in the afternoon but I refused. I'm not paying 400$ extra for penality and another 200$ for summer course instead of taking another semester where more than four courses cost 150$ all together. I can't believe I was stuck on that for two days. It doesn't make any sense to pay 600$ more. The only thing that I'm missing in order to finish my programme on time is Calculus II now but I'm not planning to finish early. I want to take one more semester. Kiwii told me to postpone Calculus II for two more semesters because I want to take five courses (Coincidentally, I can take five with her next semester and I also want to take just five courses) which sound totally absurd consider I'm in commerce. It's like avoiding math when your programme is about math and business thing. I might as well be on other programme than commerce if I'm postponing math for another semester.

Since I can't take Calculus II because of my trip. I will take English in the morning.

Drastic measure to have peace of mind

April 10th, 2008 at 09:42 pm

I don't know what I was thinking when I did that but I did it to finally be in peace.

I was having an argument with my dad over the phone bill. He always asks me to pay on the internet because he assumes I will know how. I told him that I don't know how and I wish him to switch the account over to me so I can pay by myself. When I pay him the phone bill and we finally switch to my name. He got another phone bill and yells at me because I open the cellphone in USA to look at the time which cost me 30$! I told him that I just open the phone to check the time and my dad keeps whining about it. So I was finally fed up with all this crap about money so I gave him all the money that I have left to spend which was 400$ so he could get the message that I had enought.

Why did I do that? I just want to be left alone. I can't take it anymore. A lot of my arguments with my parents have to do with me is money, A lot of things that has to do with our argument is money and I had it. When I gave him 400$, I felt at peace at last because I have made a statement. Although, I was crying because I felt like my freedom was taken away from me but I feel more peace in my mind.

How did my dad react? Did he take the money? My dad didn't react much and he took the money. How shameful. I gave him the bill that was last month and he has the nerve to tell me: You're going to pay it on the internet by yourself. I'm like: With what? I gave you ALL the money that I have left over. What more do you want? He just said nothing.

I also decide not to work at my dad place anymore. I explained to my cousin over the phone that almost the arguments that I've been receiving is always about money. So I prefer to concentrate on my studies for now.He is okay with that and I'm happy that he understands better than my dad.

How is my first day without money? It was good. I know that I won't be able to afford anything since I have no money.

Will I go back to work? Definitetly. Probably over the summer or something. If I learn that I can live without money then I will stash all the cash away.

How will my dad react when I get a job? He will probably say : So where's your money? Gosh... Just thinking about it just drive me nuts. I want to get out... If I stay in this house with my dad giving me confusing message, I might end up seeing a psychologist or something. I should move out... I should move out...

How to stay on the frugal side again

April 9th, 2008 at 03:18 pm

These days, my biggest expense is the food. My entertainment expense was clubbing last Friday and that's about it. I tried bringing food but sometimes, I barely do it because I'm either too busy or just too tired. The first week went well with bringing my own lunch but after that, I go back to my old habit.

I'm also lacking on healthy food at home. Considering my parents barely go grocery shopping and when they do, it's hardly healthy food anyways. So yeah, I would love to go buy my own grocery but just thinking of going home with all the groceries by bus is a pain in the ass. I tried it and it was really complicated. My brother expects me to make lunch for him and he likes to criticize the food that I make for him.... Like he can do any better!!

I'm really running out of idea for myself because my income is so low now since I don't work. Although I am trying to eat at home more since all my classes are mostly in the afternoon. Sometimes, my friends just call me to help them out for their homework or I need to ask teacher questions.

Anyways, I'll get back to you guys later after I excercise. I'm really frustrated right now that I'm always spending money!!

My first week of April

April 5th, 2008 at 08:24 pm

This week was pretty good. I did my French and accouting test which went pretty well. I also went to the club for the first time.

My experience at a club was pretty good. Throughout the night, I got comfortable dancing and guys approach me which I never experienced before. I guess I got used living in a shelter life xP. Well, I did dance with a guy at the beginning of the night because I wanted to be less shy at dancing so I accepted. He introduced himself to me which I find it's pretty polite of him to do that. We danced for two or three songs and he tried to kiss me twice which I refused and continued dancing with him. My first reaction should have been to stop dancing with him but I was too nice. After awhile, I stopped our dance and thank him then all of a sudden, another guy came up to me on my back and start grining on me. I pushed him away and my friends dragged me to their side and tell the guy to back off. I'm pretty happy that I have my friends with me. They are better than me on handling those sort of things. Although I'm pretty confused with the guy that I danced with, he came back to me twice and he even offered to buy me a drink which I refused.

As for my spending this week, let just say that I'm still living the life as an adult experiencing life. LOL Well certainly, I would like to find a balance into my life. Hopefully, I will find it soon. I'm going to take back my Tim Hortons job in mid-juillet possibly. I'm planning to work three days/week and take five courses for the third semester. Hopefully, I would find a balance in spending and saving before starting to work. I spent 32$ because I offered to pay the cab for a friend because she doesn't work either. Initially, she pays 20$ and in the end, I payed 5$ which was totally unreasonable. I thought of paying everything as her late birthday gift.

I have to do a little cleaning so I'll get back to you guys about my progress in a few days. Also, my challenge money will be toward my Japan trip and possibly my future. I have to think about it. As for my Japan trip, I have more than that amount but it's in my Travel mutual fund.

I'm back

April 1st, 2008 at 06:38 pm

Hey, if you remember me. I'm Christina from the user T_I_N_A20 blog. I have my laptop(Brand new Toshiba 450$ from a friend) for a few weeks now so I can blog again without worrying about the possibility of my dad checking in my account or some sort.

I would like to interview myself ^.^

Why you come back here?

- I realized that I need support to help me save. I did not realized how much the outside world could affect my money habit. I wish to do something worthwhile with my money instead of spending it away again and I want to save up my money so I can travel... Like usual and to build a future with my boyfriend if it works out great.

How is my life going?

- I can say it's been good except the money part and the exercise part. I have a loving boyfriend of almost three months who have the same goal as me. My grades are good although I could do way much better. I went to New York city with my dad and my sister. The trip I must say, didn't help our family relationship that much because my dad was always talking about the price there(typical Chinese people) and he is controlling the way I spend my money.

Tell us about your boyfriend.

- Ummm... How do I start? Well... First I would like to call him by his nickname : GuiGui. He is a year younger than me and he is in the same grade as me. He is a Quebeker.

I met him last year in our senior year of high school in gym option class and I hit his butt with a badminton racket. His reaction was so cute! Instead of telling me to stop like the other guys, he played with me by saying: What the heck? DEFENSE! *Start defending himself with his racket* After a few months, I start to get to know him a few days before the prom, I developped a feeling for him even though I had a boyfriend back then. I never met anyone who is so cold at the same time so warm inside. It really made me curious to know more about him.

A few months after college started, he emailed me saying that he miss me and I reply back happily that we should meet. We decided to go shopping with Kiwii. That day, I couldn't stop hugging him. At first, he just stood there not knowing what to do and after countless times of hugging him, I felt his body warming up to me. After this, we didn't see each others for a few months.

At January 14th, I invited him to my house to watch his movies that I just bought him for Christmas and I was hugging him throughout the movies. After we finish watching the movies, I ask him if he wants us to be together. At first, he bent down and he said : What do you want? I jumped and said: I want us to be together! Then he said: Okay. When he was about to leave, he turned around and I said: What? He said: Nothing... On msn, he told me that when I ask him if we should be together, he wanted to kiss me and when he was about to leave, he wanted to say I love you.

And the rest is history ^.^!!

I should describe how he is like. He is perfect for me... I just feel like I could be in a serious relationship with because he really listens to my need, he asks me what I want and whenever I have something in my mind, he tells me what I was thinking straight away. With money, he is really simple. He loves final fantasy games so he is willing to spend his money on that. Anything else, he doesn't care and he lets me decide. In school, he studies in commerce like me and he wants to be an economist one day so he studies hard to get good grade and he does not change his mind as easily as me. In general, he is the opposite of me.

Both of our parents know we are dating and my boyfriend side of the family like me so far especially his mother. My parents, they don't take it seriously so they don't ask much about him. I could really tell that his family comes from a good upbringing. My boyfriend told me that his mother stayed at home when he was young to take care of her kids and to earn any extra income, she made a kindergarden at home so she can work and be there for the kids. Now seeing their kids all grown up, she works at the airport right now and she gets 97$ flight ticket each for her and her family. I really admired her a lot for being able to be there to raise kids. I wish to be like her someday and my boyfriend express the same wish.

I believe that I could finally have a peaceful life with my boyfriend where money doesn't matter that much anymore. My boyfriend has a father as a workaholic and he was never there to raise his own children so he views him a stranger. GuiGui doesn't want to end up like his father, I don't want to end up like my parents. All we gotta do is to study hard in school which he is doing and I'm also doing so we can get good jobs.

How is Kiwii and her saving?

- My friend Kiwii is doing fine. She got sick for five weeks now and she missed three weeks of school. As a result, she is having problems keeping up in class and I can't help her that much. She is thinking of dropping her semester which I kinda want her to do because it is getting bad and she got kick out of the gym class.

Her saving? When she works,She saves 1000$ for a few months, now her savings is dropping fast because she won't be working for awhile. Kiwii always have the same spending habit since I introduce her to this site so I'm not surprise that she will not save much. She also said early on before she got sick that she's not going to Japan in three years because she's going to live there anyways. I told her clearly that I'm still going with my boyfriend no matter what and I won't be living in Japan in the future anymore. My boyfriend doesn't feel like going there to live anymore because he feels like it's going to be way too much troubles.

What do you plan to do with a new blog?

- Well for me starting a new blog means starting everything new especially my challenge money. Since the past blog (My little saving blog), I have grown ever since.

Any new goals?

- My goal will be traveling and saving toward the future. I plan to take around 4-5 courses next fall to be able to work more in order to save my money for future trips and my future. I am in no rush to finish my studies as fast as possible. But to carry less workload during the year, I plan to take two courses in the summer. However, this is yet to be my final decision. Except my Japan trip that I'm really going to go.

What about your 20$ Challenge money?

- Unfortunatly it's gone... I got carried away. Part of the money went to the flight ticket to Morocco and the personal spending budget.

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