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It's all about money now

July 11th, 2009 at 07:20 pm

Shoes = money
Cellphone = money
Bus card = money
clothes = money
Grocery = money
Go out = money
Hair = money
Trip = money

Let's see... I was looking for gladiator sandals to walk in the summer. Bought two perfect pairs and I also found two perfect flats for the summer. I do not need that much shoes... Since I got rid of my stuff a month or so ago, I need new flats because all the ones I wore are wearing out or are too hot for the weather. I do not buy wedge or heels and I rely on comfortable shoes.I can opt out for inexpensive shoes but I found one pair of red for $20 and one in black and white for $50. I really love the red ones but I've been eyeing on the black and white ones for awhile now. I am really horrible on deciding for shoes, really. I am just leaving this topic off for the moment because I am really weak for shoes.

Cellphone, I just made a topic whether or not I should cancel my cellphone contract and I calculated the cost involve and everything on the forum.

Bus card, I do not need one for July because I do not go out often. Reason why I bought it? I was on the rush and the machine did not offer tickets.The cost is $45 per month.

Clothes, I don't plan on buying much in the summer only shorts. I've been doing some clean up a few months ago and I am planning to buy classic pieces now because this is what I am attracted the most. I only got a pair of shorts and I want more because is pretty much what I wear now.

Grocery, my parents don't bother to buy anything for the house. Need to stock my own food and it's better than eating out anyways.

Go out, I want to enjoy my summer with a couple of friends. I bought a card for an amusement park and pay $15 for the season pass for parking. The card cost $75 and it provides a lot of fun with my friends. We did barbecue where we split the cost $10 each. We go to the movie some Tuesday where it cost $5 each, I'm planning to do movie night with a couple of friends so it will cost cheaper. I also want to try out new activities such as bungee jumping and rock climbing.

Hair, I only cut my hair every three months and I really love my hairstylist. I used to spend only $25 every three months but now I did red streak. I don't think I'll be redoing till August. I do invest on hairstyle... I just got addicted recently.

Trip, I am not planning to spend much. Probably a souvenir... I am not sure yet.

As you can see, most of those things I can opt out. I guess I've been taking over by my wants... I can't help but to feel such a bimbo. Work hasn't been great because I've been stressing about money. I forget things easily and a coworker of mine is bossing us around. I just obey to her sarcastically which doesn't show much, the reason why she did that is because she thinks she is better than us.

Anyways, I really need to talk with my dad about my cellphone contract so I will get that out of my mind. Also the clothes dillema will have to end... Work is starting to become stressful and not fun anymore.

I really need encouragement... and I really want to get back to my old self, I used to be better at saving money.

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