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My birthday is coming soon and 27 days of no shopping

June 16th, 2009 at 01:12 pm

I spend almost a month of no shopping and it's funny but I don't feel the need to shop as much as before. It's a good feeling... Probably because I didn't go out a lot these past few days. I'm still looking for clothes that are easy to mix and match. I got the basic down and I need more cardigans and jackets of all kind.

Last Saturday, I ask my coworker if she has taken anything from my donation. She said she loves everything, only the pants and a pair of boots are given to charity. I didn't know my clothes would be liked by her and her sister too! I guess I could've sell them but now it's too late. I learned my lesson. I'm glad that people like my taste... LOL

Before the 19th, I'm going to make a list of what I need after I look through my closet. After the 19th, I'm going to go shopping around. By the way, my birthday is on the 20th of June... I can't wait! I'm turning 20. On the eve of my birthday, I was thinking of eating and playing pool at a local bar with a couple of friends. The next day after work, I'm going to Old Montreal to walk around and to take picture.

Next year, I'm taking a semester off to go to China in May or somewhere close, I also have the time to see my friend in Switzerland, go to Japan and visit my godbrother in Singapore. The problems are the following, I don't know if I have enought money and time for all of this. I'm planning to study Mandarin for at least 4 months (Beijing three months and Shanghai one month), my dad probably wants me to visit many parts of China so he would probably sign me up on a tour bus and pay for it. I might visit Switzerland for two weeks or less around April to see a few of my friends whom I met in Vancouver almost four years ago. I want to go to Japan for maybe a week or two in April too. After Japan, I'm thinking of going directly there to China to Beijing or Shanghai. Singapore will be hard to fit in there. It's a bit difficult to guess now. xD My university entrance is in September so I'll be back on time next year. I have approximatly five months to travel. Going to Switzerland than going to Japan and after China, the distance is quite large.

For money, I have a mutual funds dedicated for my travel and I have around $7000 in there. I put money inside since I was 17, almost three years ago. The economy in Canada at the moment is not quite good and I lost around 1k or 2k in my mutual funds. The date where I can take out the money is on August 2009, about a month and a half from today. I'm planning not to touch it until next year, I hope the economy will get a bit better.

Sorry for my rambling a lot here, I guess what is important right now is to find ways to earn money. Speaking of money, I recently counted my piggy bank and I got $77.10 inside. I put all my change there for months now and I accumulated quite a lot. Since it's summer at the moment, I'm planning to pay %40 of my paycheck toward my travel and I'm going to try to earn money in other ways. I'm not good at doing other things then finding a job... ._." I'm not creative enought and I don't have an entrepreneur mind either. I guess for now, I'll probably help out my aunt at her store for extra money. I'm going to set the savings bar at $2000 now. I hope to save this amount this summer, if I can. lol

By the way, I add $22.90 from my bank to my savings. I have $100 now and $1900 to go.

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