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22 days of no shopping!

June 11th, 2009 at 12:19 pm

It's my 22nd day of no shopping already!

The weather hasn't been great lately so I've spend most of the days staying at home and I didn't spend at all. My parents weren't happy that I sleep late and waking up late these past few days. My brother is taking summer school and I decided not to. At first, I wanted to take Algebra from 6 to 9 pm but when I think about it, the course will be much cheaper in the Fall semester. I guess I'm going to try to improve my languages in the summer instead.

Since I haven't been shopping lately,I went over my closet and I realized that 1/2 of the clothes I own, I barely touch because they are uncomfortable, does not flatter me and etc. The clothes I always wear always consist of things I felt good in and that are easy to mix and match. My coworker who is also my friend wanted me to give the unwanted items to her so she can pick what she likes and the rest, she'll donate to charity. In this case, I couldn't say no... I mean, I just need to walk 10 minutes to my workplace and hand her my things, then she'll take care the rest. Good enought for me. So yeah, I'm planning to renew my wardrobe with basic things and probably some vintage clothes... I'm thinking of visiting some thrift stores in Montreal this week or the next.

As for my challenge, I recently received my paycheck which is $190. Not a lot for you guys... But I work part-time so it was good enought for me. I paid my bus card with it and my phone bill. I'm stuck with $120 now... Since I'm not traveling this year and I'm left with 1/2 of my closet empty. I want to save for my Switzerland and China trip next year. Uuum... I wonder how I'm going to split the money. 20% of my paycheck goes toward it? I'll get back to you guys later about it.

4 Responses to “22 days of no shopping!”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    could you have sold any clothes on ebay that you didnt want?

  2. go.Xtina Says:

    Yeah true. I didn't have an ebay account before and I just recently sign up for one. I didn't think my clothes were that great looking to be able to sell online, then again, we can sell anything on ebay. I should have but I didn't have the patience to take pictures of the clothes and sell online. Maybe I can sell my jewelries on ebay, that's what I have left anyways.

  3. whitestripe Says:

    just list a few of your best clothes first - once they sell trust me, you'll be motivated to sell more.

  4. go.Xtina Says:

    That's a great idea... But I already gave it to my coworker last Sunday. I have some nice clothes too... Gosh. I will ask her tomorrow if she took some and gave it to charity already. For now, I guess I'm selling one of my best jewelries on ebay.

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