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My savings are gone... gone...

May 19th, 2009 at 02:53 pm

Whaaat O.O... I used to be an awesome saver, now I'm horrible! Aaarg... I mostly spend on foods and on some occasion, clothes.

It all started when I started College... I'm not blaiming anyone in particular but it surely influences me a lot. Especially now, I care a lot about how I look and feeding my tummy. Very bad habit.

I'm going to try to watch my spending by writing here daily once school ends and it's soon. Tomorrow is my last exam and guess what? It's Calculus II! Haha!

Speaking of Cal II, my teacher is 24 years old! We are all a bunch of 18 to 20 and he is what? 4 to 6 years our senior? That's awesome yet... He is immature. Just the way he acts.. Today,I came to his office and I waited about an hour and a half waiting till he is done with two girls. I was a bit mad and I got an allergie so it looks like I was really pissed. Well his office hour was 12 to 3 pm and I only got to him at 2:32; I was done with him by 2:48. When I show him my first question, he acts like an ass to me. Seriously, he talks to me like I'm stupid or something. You know how kids mock you, well he acts the same way. I reply back with the same tone and he finally quiet down. Needless to say, I wasn't into the mood to be happy after this incident. It sounds so immature... Well honestly, it was like that.

Anyways, I spend on lunch today... $9. If I manage my time in school, I can save so much money instead of spending it on lunch. Gosh... Will figure out a way to save this summer.

Another thing I want to add before I study for Calculus II... I got tanned! Reason to be happy? I hardly get tanned in the summer and I got tanned without trying by biking to school for the past three weeks. Now I have this brown marshmallow color on me. It is awesome! Well the only bad thing is... I didn't put suncream which I should from now on. Haha xD My friend said pale looks good on me but with my tan, it looks cool. WOoohooo! I love the color of my skin now... Haha...

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