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Back from my trip since Saturday

January 8th, 2009 at 09:52 pm

Hey everyone! I'm back from Canada since last Saturday. My return was not as I expected...

First my flatmate did a huge mess in the appartment, did not do much to get a fridge, oven and a dryer machine like she told me. In general, she did not do anything but work and go out. Not to mention she told me we are going to move to the basement because the owner said he can't let us stay upstairs. It got kinda complicated and school is going to start in two weeks. With nothing done and the appartment looking disgusting, I wanted to go home because I realized I wasn't ready to deal with all this and with a really irresponsible flatmate.. It was hard for me to go back because I know what will happen but my boyfriend's mom gave me courage to call my dad and tell him I'm coming back.

My dad lets me come back yesterday with all my stuff. Though, today my parents were being really irrational again. I don't know where to start off. My mom and dad predicted my future about being the crazy bitch later in life like my aunt (Dad's big sister) because I am so different from everyone. I'm sorry but predicting my future about being a crazy bitch? That is going borderline. I did not do anything to them. I bought plastic boxes to organize my stuff in my room because it's getting messy and I spend it with my money. I told them to please not talk about my purchases but they keep whining about it.

Yes I have anger problems with them but they should know very well to watch their words sometimes and not tell me what I am thinking. I tried talking with my dad but it got emotional and even when I calm down and talk to him normally. He would not listen to me but expect me to listen to him. I made a mistake going out on my own yes but he told me that I did not listen to him and he knows more than me. What he is trying to say is... I would not make that kind of mistake if I listen to him. If I didn't make that kind of mistake, I wouldn't realized how really hard living on my own is and I wouldn't realized how much opportunities I have in the future... We all take our life for granted. When I learned all this, they just give me more crap like usual. One big mistake and I am a crazy bitch. Even if I tell my parents all this, they would just keep on lecturing me how they are older and wiser. I understand their culture but just leave me alone! I want to be trusted for once in my life for god sake! Even the people in China tells my parents to trust us more and let us do mistakes. All they reply is: But they always reply back when we talk to them! Even giving us money in China, my dad uses it to control our spending. I got my own money from work so I didn't complain.

Me being different from everyone. I think my mom is confusing everyone with her entourage. She does not know what people think outside of her workplace which mostly consist of family members. I did not take her seriously anymore since our trip in China. A great deal is hypocrisy and an ignorant point of view about life in Canada. Once she gets out of Chinatown or maybe never, she will realizes that the real world is not what she thinks. I am not accepted from my whole family other than my cousins because they live in a bubble and choose not to understand the outside world other than their own. I know my parents have greater knowledge about life than I do but I am learning and I want to make mistakes sometimes, it just makes me stronger in life. What they also don't know is that I still have their values, just that I show my western values more than my asian values.

Anyways, I will talk about my trip later on and what I learn in China. I'm going to organized my room and probably take a picture of the change I made in my wardrobe.

Here a few pictures of a dog I took in Hong Kong:

Funny face:

7 Responses to “Back from my trip since Saturday ”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    that is a bummer about the place not working out, i was looking forward to hearing about your experiences. to look at it in a slightly postive way, atleast you have a home that you can go to, even if it is very difficult to live under the same roof as your parents. it might be difficult but atleast it is not impossible.

  2. go.Xtina Says:

    I was looking forward to have a great start too... I guess I will be ready once I am out of University.

  3. gamecock43 Says:

    That's disappointing life is still so difficult for you. Concentrate on university studies, and keep blogging. Maybe talking on here will let you blow off some steam.

  4. Koppur Says:

    hee hee hee, what a cute doggy!

    I'm sorry things are so rough for you again. Hang in there Sunshine, we're pulling for you.

  5. whitestripe Says:

    one question: why did the owner want to make you guys live in the basement? and i hope that nothing happens with your security deposit.

  6. go.Xtina Says:

    Well his partner doesn't want us to stay on the 2nd floor because we are just 2 people in a 5 1/2 appartment. We have to find a 3rd flatmate... Or we have to go downstairs which is a 4 1/2 and it will cost us 590$ with nothing. I only paid 195$ for my first month. Since I was not there the whole month, I just pay 1/4 of 650$ and my flatmate paid the 3/4 of it. The 195$ also includes the electricity and heat. There's no sign contract or anything so I can go right whenever I want.

  7. whitestripe Says:

    it sounds like a good idea that you got out of there. maybe next time look into having a rental agreement and go through a real estate. it protects you that way. i know it sounded like a great deal at the start - its just a bummer it didnt work out for you. may i also suggest in the future maybe try to share with someone you've known a REALLY long time!

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