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Parents accept my decision

December 8th, 2008 at 09:23 pm

Well I haven't talk to my parents since last Friday. My parents ask my aunt to give me the message that whenever I need money, they will give me money when I need it. They don't want me to drop out of school... Well not like I plan to anyways.

So yeah... I got their support indirectly. I find it cowardly to ask my aunt to tell me that.

My mom was pissed for no reason yesterday because she assumed I didn't give back the luggages or something. She came to my room at midnight by opening the door with force and she just stares at me like she wanted to kill me. One of the reason why I don't like living in this house, my mom gets angry for no big deal.

Anyways... I moved all my stuff in my new appartment. Some stuff remain in my room but for now, I am going to wait till Wednesday to move out for sleep there. Hopefully, some stuff will be ready. For now, I am just going to study hard for my three final tests this week.

This Saturday to come, I am going to China. I won't be hanging out too much with my parents. We never get along when we are together. My mom spends her time caring what other people think of us and she criticized us. My dad likes to say random things wherever we go on a trip, like our trip to Florida almost two years ago. He talks bad on random people back on the street, restaurant... You name it. So yeah, my dad learns we need to go on our separated ways on some places like Hong Kong.

2 Responses to “Parents accept my decision”

  1. Apprentice Fun-Frugalist Says:

    Good Luck with the tests !! It can be very difficult focussing on exams when there is strife at home... but you seem to be a pretty focussed lady - good on you !!

    China ?? Wow.... I am so envious !! Hope you have a time you will remember fondly for years to come :-)

  2. gamecock43 Says:

    I love Hong Kong. #1 destination I want to go back to if I ever get a chance. Have fun in China!

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