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My O Noir experience

November 24th, 2008 at 06:40 pm

Yesterday at 9pm, I went to eat at O Noir restaurant with a friend.

It was a terrifying experience... I was eating my three courses meal in the dark without knowing if I finish my meal or not. I have to describe it in details... Hehe...

My friend and I went to the restaurant a little before 9 pm. The entrance is really small and a lot of people are waiting for their table. We check our coats in a little locker and we got in front of the counter to choose what we want. I chose the entry meal, main course and a dessert. My friend chose a entry meal and a main course. We have the choice between having a surprise entry meal, main course or dessert. I chose a surprise entry meal and a main course. The dessert, I choose the Venise chocolate cake. I am not too fond of the other dessert available so I want to avoid getting a dessert that I don't like.

After choosing what we want, we waited for our waiter. When the waiter came to get us, I had to put my hand on his left shoulder and my friend put his hands on my shoulder to go into the dark room. It was pretty scary and I was afraid of tripping into something or someone =S... Went we arrive at our table, the waiter instructed us where our table and chair are located.

The first thing our waiter gave us was two pieces of bread. I have this phobia of people touching me in the dark. Whenever my friend touched me, I jump and slap his hand. It was pretty funny... For him... LOL

My main entry was two pieces of ravioli. I had a hard time eating it... LOL To make sure I finish my ravioli, I put my hand on the plate. It was something that I never think of doing when I could see my meal but damn... It's so hard to eat when you can see nothing!! xD

My main course, I also have a hard time eating it. I was picking on my plate with my fork. I tried just using the folk to eat all my meals till the end, I tried grabbing my potato and it keeps running away from me. I gave us so I used my hand instead LOL.

For dessert, my friend did a trick on me. He took my plate away from me while I was eating my dessert. I tried grabbing a piece and when I grab nothing after two minutes, I thought I accidently flatten my cake.

While eating my food, there was a orchestra playing in the dark. Everybody was cheering and talking. Having a good time in the dark. The music they played was pretty good hehe... Also, it was someone birthday. We heard chant and there was a little light at the end of the room.

Sorry I have to write this quick, I have homework to do hehe... So yeah. We were the last to get out of the room. We got back to the main entrance... My eyes were shock to the light lol. I had a hard time adjusting myself to the light and everything for about two minutes.

The meal came at 75.34$ and my friend paid the tips. Overall, I had a great time. It really helps me understand how blind people live and I find them courageous to live their life like that. All the waiters are blind and they manage to have this outgoing personality. They manage to be pretty funny and talkative. There's no stain or anything on my clothes and I am pretty surprise that I made it through the three courses. Oh yeah... The food was good! Worth the money!

Anyways, I gotta go do my homework. ^.^

4 Responses to “My O Noir experience”

  1. shiela Says:

    WOW, sounds like you had an adventure.

  2. lizajane Says:

    I never heard of a restaurant like that. Interesting! Although... I REALLY prefer to see what I'm eating, especially if I didn't prepare it! LOL

  3. gamecock43 Says:

    eating in the dark?? As a enticing pleasurable thing?? Never heard of it- not positive I would want to try it.

  4. Broken Arrow Says:

    Hehe. I've heard of that before, but never even had the inclination to go to one. I'm glad that you had fun though.

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