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A big spend day

November 21st, 2008 at 08:27 pm

Today was one of those very rare moments where I spend up to 100$ in a day. No it's not clothes!

I bought a digital camera, an MP3 and some soaps for my body and oil blotter sheet.

It cost me in total 550$. Here a little break down of all this.

My Canon SD770IS camera: 199.99
A 4 GB memory card: 24.99$
Canon case: 30.99$
My blue 8BG Zune MP3: 149.99$
Insurance for my camera: 49.99$ (Garantie for 2 years, since I am going to be traveling more often from now on. I don't want to risk it from breaking unexpectantly. Since I am clumsy, I kinda want it...)

With tax, it comes out to 514.66$

I went to Clinique to buy acne soap. Since I am very sensitive to the parfums one my mom bought and I sweat alot=have a few acne on my body. The clinique works for me. I bought two of them because I don't want to go back once per two months to get it. Two of the soaps cost me 30$. I tried the oil blotter sheet there which cost me 17.99$. I haven't tried it yet but I heard good review about it so I'm going to try it out. Though, I'm likely going to China to buy them since they are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper.

Total with a 10% discount: I paid 49.27$

Total spend for the day: 563.93$

Also, I talk to my boyfriend about the Japan trip. He said he is going to take the Jet program. So... I am free to do whatever I want with the money for my Japan trip. Though I plan to spend some on my Challenge money to buy a camera and an MP3 player for awhile. It's been years that I've been thinking about buying a camera and mp3. Since I am no techno-pro here. I just bought whatever is in my price range and that I am satisfied with. I predict no big spending for the next weeks to come. Though, my challenge money will suffer a little bit.

Here goes:

Old amount: 9800$
Deducted: - 565$
New amount: 9235$

I am happy. No more fighting over the camera with my brother and dad. No more word called "Sharing" in the house with me. Since sharing is a very very dangerous word in the house because of my dad obviously, it's better not to share.

By the way, I envy you people from the United State. You guys get no taxes like 13.5%, get the best internet shopping selection and... get a lot of awesome coupons. There not much difference here when it comes to electronics, clothes and such. There's not much of big sales... Only little sales here and there. With the high taxes, we get most of the things paid such as health care, education and such. I feel lucky... Though not much for clothing and such. =(

We are starting to have outlet stores where I live and I bought awesome summer shoes last summer, 2 pairs of shoes for 30$!! We also have an outlet Ardene store where they sell 10 pairs of socks and + for 10$.

You can see pictures of my purchase that I took from the internet and I post it on my blog. I also took pictures of my outfit today. ^.^

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