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Some spending on my paycheck

August 30th, 2008 at 08:59 pm

I got my paycheck this Thursday which is around 432.59$.

I pay my phone bill which is 50$. The bill was way less than that which is around 43$ but I want to put a fix amount each month. If I calculate right, there will be a month where I don't need to pay my bill. I will continue to put 50$ per month because it is easier for me.

Now I have 382.59$ left. I bought a pair of black jeans at American Eagle for 67.17$. Hehe... I haven't bought any for quite some time. Well I don't need to buy any more jeans since I have 7 pairs which two, I don't wear as often as the others. Now I have eight pair of jeans. The new jeans have different color than my other jeans, it is in black pair and I like American Eagle jeans. Anyways, I haven't been shopping for clothes ever since I came back from Morocco. All I remember buying here are shoes which I got a lot of them for a good price. Plus, I used my tip $ to buy them ^.^

382.59$ left - 67.17$ = 315.42$.

Another thing... I realized that I want a black tote. Well I wanted to buy one that is classic and big enought to carry my books. I found one at Nine West which is 110$. It was a simple black one with nice pattern. I felt guilty lately because I've been spending a lot this summer in Morocco.

Although, I got 15$ off from it (Initially 125$), the tote bag is still expensive. Kiwii said she'll never spend that much on a bag. Same with me too. I don't find trendy or cute design bag that appealing, especially when I realized that I like a the classy bag more than others. I love my tote and I may feel guilty of spending a lot of money. I also have a swiss schoolbag which I carry often to school when I have to bring many books. I find bothersome to bring a schoolbag everyday. On some days, I need to bring a few books to school and a tote is all I need.

Overall, I don't hold that much of regret of choosing this bag over all the others. It is big and strong enought to carry around campus where as the other bags look fragile. The color is black so it is easier to wear with any clothes. I usually wear my school bags till it worn out. In another word, I will use it often. =D

I spend 315.42$ - 124.30$ = 191.12$

Also, I have my skin lotion which is 73.12$. I am planning to reduce that amount sooner but I have to see my items when it arrived to see if it's worth it.

191.12$ - 73.12$ = 118$

Still it is wrong to spend that much. I know.

I will put the rest of the money in my challenge:

Old amount: 8286$
+ 118$
New amount: 8404$

I know that there are things I can avoid. This month, my spending got way out of control. I will try to not spend on Septemeber to calm my spendy way. I will get back to you guys a little later. I will be quite busy this weekend.

On my next post, I will talk about my sudden shopping urge... I need to talk about it on my next post. Possibly that my voyage in Morocco has affected me somehow. O.O I don't quite understand how...

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