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Basic things that tourists and travellers should know about Morocco

August 19th, 2008 at 08:00 pm

Well guys, I've written a long long list like five minute ago and it got deleted accidently when I accidently click on something else. This is something that I hate about this site. When I try to go back to my original page, I lose everything. Grrr....

Okay, I'll just give the basic things that you should know about Morocco.

1$ US = 7.691$

Here are the things you can expect to pay on your trip there.

- A 1.5 liter of water (Sidi Ali brand): 6 diirhams
- A 1 liter of coke: 9 diirhams
- Snack (made in Morocco): 1-4 diirhams
- French bread: 2 diirhams
- A big box of cheese (le vache qui rit): 30-40 diirhams

At the souk:

The rule of shopping there is to bargain. Sellers there tend to double and triple the original price to Moroccans and tourists. Yes you hear me! They even put the price higher to their own people sometimes. Be sure to remember not to go too low or too aggressive on them. Try to get a price you would like to pay. Try to think of a price you would like to pay and not mention to the sellers. Here's a trick: Say you want a decorative tanjine for 15 diirhams, tell them you want it for 10 diirhams. With 10 diirhams, you might get it between 10 diirhams or 15 diirhams. But if the seller ask you to pay 17 diirhams, tend you suggest them 15 diirhams. It usually work but make sure that it's an item you are willing to pay if you are in your country. You don't want to ruin them. Some tourists do that which is very bad for the seller.

I got a little decorative tanjine for 15 diirhams, a camel made of camel skin for 5 diirhams, a small camel made of pencil case for 5 diirhams, a inspired hijab t-shirt for 50 diirhams,etc.


Be careful of going out in poor area of the cities and at night especially if you are a girl. Morocco is dominated by men although if you are a man, it does not mean you are safe. You can get robbed or killed at night.

When riding the train at night, make sure to go to a cabin with a family there or in a public place where there's light on. If a family tell you that this cabin is reserved, they are NOT allow to do that. As long as the window door does not have a message saying it's reserve, they do not have the right to reserve it. If you go in, they mostly will let you sit because they know that they can't reserve it.

Typical Moroccan stuff to buy there:

- Eau de rose (a natural parfum made of rose): 35 diirhams (You can get it cheaper at the souk but they are the actual flowers while in the store, they are transform into a perfum)
- Argan soaps: 5 diirhams
- A small decorative tanjine at the souk
- A Moroccan carpet at the souk (At Rabat preferable, they are the main makers of the carpet)
- Moroccan tea sets for mint tea (Super typical =P), you can buy them at the souk.
- A decorative plate (Orange/Blue/Red) at the souk
- Baboush shoes (comes in many colour) at the souk
- Black soap made of essential oil : 35-40 diirhams (It's a soap to help scrub the dead skin off, I advice you to try the hammam there to know what I'm talking about =P)
- A scrubbing glove to scrub the dead skin off: 5 to 15 diirhams

Of course you don't need to buy all of this, I sure didn't buy all that. It is just some things that is a good idea to buy there.

Must try food!

Orange juice: This is something you can not miss! Moroccan juice is one of the best in the world. Totally natural and of so good! Mmmm... I couldn't stop drinking them when I was there. It's cheap too. Around 3 to 6 diirhams a glass. If you are thinking of buying your orange juice in a stand, make sure the seller press the orange in front of you and the glasses are clean. If the stand does not look clean, don't buy it.

Bread: Most of the bread are French style and it's cheaper than France.

Plain Yogourt: It has this natural taste in it and it's good. =P

Moroccan snacks: It's good! Cost around 1 diirham to 4 diirhams. You can buy them at people who sell them. You help them out by buying from them and you can try all kind of candies for less than 7 diirhams. Except the international brand chocolates, they can cost 7 diirhams to 10 diirhams. Make sure they are wrap up.

Moroccan snacks: I showed you a picture of it at Rabat. This is a must try. It can be a hit or miss with you. It was surely a miss with me. I am not a big fan of sugary snack. Again make sure it's from a clean place!

I think that's about it. Feel free to ask me anything. =D

5 Responses to “Basic things that tourists and travellers should know about Morocco”

  1. Jill Says:

    Hi! I'm traveling to Morocco and will primarily be staying in Rabat. How much money do you recommend I bring for spending? (I'm staying with a friend, so I don't need lodging) I'm planning on spending on food, souvenirs, and sightseeing.


  2. JAKY Says:


  3. maria Says:

    Hi! I,m planning to travel to morocco next month! I,m from the philippines. Bit depressed my marriage just ended. Can you suggest me what i can possibly do in morocco? How much money must I bring? For a month stay. Really, I dont know anyone there. Just wanted to be far for awhile & forget all the negative aspects I had in my life... Thanks & God Bless

  4. Constance Haitchi Says:

    Husband and I are going to tour Morocco for 17 days. How much on average (cash) should we take? How to pack things we purchase to take back to USA? Do I need to bring something to cover my head?
    Thank you for your reply.

  5. George Says:

    Hi, I'm going on an escorted tour for 16 days in April, accommodation breakfast and most excursions are included ( Starting in Casablanca then finishing 16 days later in Marrakesh).

    Any idea what type of budget is needed


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