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My trip review

August 3rd, 2008 at 11:30 am

Well it's been a few days since I didn't write anything. Too busy working working and working. I promise to write more for the days to come. Just that I have nothing new except reporting my earnings.

I earn 244.10$ from my last paycheck last Thursday from 30 hours of work. I pay my credit card bill 36.91$ from buying skin lotions. Now I have 207.19$ left with 155$ tips. I am planning 50$ for my phone bill and... possibly a bus card that is going to cost me 45$ this month. That left me with 267$.

When I was in Morocco, I spend approximatly 455.02$ more than I plan on spending which is 1455$. Unfortunatly, I will have to take that out from my Japan trip. Luckily, my tips and my paycheck last week helped me bring that number up and now I have 7693$ on my Japan trip. ^.^ The reason why I overspend by almost 500$ is because I want to enjoy as much as I can there and I want to buy many typical Moroccan stuffs.

My friend keeps telling me to enjoy as much as I can because most of these stuff are either expensive or non-existant in Canada. It's true by the way ^.^! Well the fashion there are much more advance so I bought many of their clothes for less than 20$ each. I got a cute Zara dress for less than 8$ Canadian which was a steal. They have many factories such as Zara,Mango and all many of the European brands even Levis.

In general, the country is very advance in fashion because they are near Europe and they are not as conservative as many thinks. There were women dress like here but to prevent harassement from men, we have to wear a t-shirt that cover our shoulder and a knee lenght skirt or pants.

The things there are not expensive either because of the revenues of the general population. For me, I consider it cheap but for them, it is expensive. My friend's family couldn't afford many typical Moroccan things because of the inflation and they are exporting their product to other part of the world like Europe, Asia and America.

I could talk forever about my trip but now I have to go to work. I will talk more about my trip later and I will post a few pictures up. =D

Hope you all have a good day!

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