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Planning for Morocco part 2

June 3rd, 2008 at 08:17 pm

I've been asking Moroccains who come from Morocco about how the people dress. Many and even many recent people who immigrates to Canada all said that the people dress like here. Although, my friend in Morocco said that I can wear clothes from here to there, I need to bring one or two shirts when they go to somewhere where they require conservative clothes.

People who never been to Morocco all tell me to dress super conservatively. For all of you who worries,yes I will bring 1-3 conservative shirts and one or two conservative pants. As I will be living near a beach, I can wear my summerwear. Keep in mind, I don't dress showy like what you think an 18 years old dress like. I dress conservative enought.

Last thursday, I went to Costco to buy a Ombrelle 30 sps extreme sun cream. It's my second bottle for the summer and I will bring them to Morocco too. I figure one bottle isn't enought so I bought two.

For my medical check up, I didn't have the time last Friday because I spend a great deal of time looking at my friend appartement and doing the cleaning in the house. I will probably go tomorrow.

This Friday, I will be going shopping for conservative clothes with my friend. A list will be put up soon probably tomorrow or Thursday.

1 Responses to “Planning for Morocco part 2”

  1. klbb90 Says:

    Have a wonderful time. Its great that you have a friend already in Morocco! Better to be too conservative than not conservative enough in muslim countries.

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