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Planning for Morocco part 1

May 29th, 2008 at 09:21 am

I decided that I should plan for what I need in Morocco now.

The reason why I buy bikinis is that my friend lives in Mohammedia, a popular beach place in Morocco and she lives near a beach. I only have one bikini so that's why I wanted to buy some more. Three set of bikinis were 148.49$ and I do regret spending that much. The reason why it cost so much is because of my third set of bikini. The two others would make it around 60$ but I wanted the third one because it was cute. It was 70$ the third one... .__." I know I know... I could go look for a cheaper one and the bikini could be on sale two weeks later. Now I can't return the third one...

Anyways, I do need to buy 1-3 conservative tops and maybe... another conservative pant (I have a black loose pant at home) Hopefully, I will spend less than 200$. It will be hard to find conservative clothes since it's almost summer now. I hope to find those loose ones... I don't want to die of heat @.@". I will also use this money to buy a hat (My friend will give me her hat if I like it) and a pair of sunglasses.

As for my digital camera, I think I would be able to save 400$. Of course I won't buy an expensive one. I would try to look around the internet and newspaper for an inexpensive good camera in order to save as much as possible from now on.

I will visit a travel clinic center to see if I need any shots or some sort. I read information about Morocco and it said that I don't need any shots of any sort but I have to make sure I already have for Hepetite A.

I looked at what I can and can't bring in the plane. My friend in Morocco asked me if I can bring her 60 donuts from Tim Hortons... Can I bring food in the plane? I don't think I can fit five boxes of 12 donuts in my bag... Hell it would be too much. Not to mention a box of French Vanilla and English Caramel would be even more. I will try I guess.

As for suncream, I bought a 30 sps and I might buy a 45 sps. I will buy a small less than 100 ml bottle to put sun cream in so I can put some when I arrive to Morocco. Just a precaution, I might get a sunburn... Which I never ever got one in my life in Canada because there are times that it gets 25-33 degrees outside and I was fine. Anyways, I don't want to get cancer or any sort in the future.

Tomorrow Friday, I will visit the health clinic to check if I need anything.

3 Responses to “Planning for Morocco part 1”

  1. Carolina Bound Says:

    Hey Christina, enjoy wearing those bikinis while you can! One of the great perks of being 18!

    Sounds like a great vacation ahead.

  2. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    Whew, I am such a non-fashionable dresser! Bathing suits are impossible (I sewed the last one because I wasn't willing to pay more than $25 and didn't find one that fit and made me look good for under that!).

    Try the sports shops for loose yoga type or jogging pants.

    So jealous of your worldly plans!

  3. Paul Says:


    Enjoy Morocco....

    But also make sure that you read up on the cultural differences between Canada and Morocco as part of your planning.

    If your friend is Moroccan, it is doubtful that she too will be sitting on a beach in a bikini, so read up first as you don't want to be seen as a lemon with you in a bikini and your friend and all other women around you still fully clothed.

    Additionally, you have to consider your safety...Moroccan boys will literally flock to you if you are in a bikini and the staring and hassle may not be worth it. It might also cause offence to many Moroccans.

    Just don't want you to go to Morocco under any illusions and end up with big troubles.

    Behaviour on beaches here in Morocco is very different to the beaches of the west.

    Enjoy Morocco, but remain safe too and try not to attract unwanted attention from the boys with that shiny white canadian skin!

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