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Over 7000$ in mutual funds!!

May 23rd, 2008 at 10:58 am

Last night, I talked with my financial advisor to see how much I have in my mutual fund. I have over 7000$ in there!! By next year, I can pull out all the money without penalty and transfer part of it to my name.

My dad refuses to sign anything that has to do with deposit my money or transfer to my name because again for reason such as "she's a bad person!" without any proofs or whatsoever. I had no choice but to pull out my money in order to have it in my name. Part of the money was for my travel fund initially which I will put it in my Japan trip. Although I can open a new account after my Morocco trip for future only and take the money in my mutual funds with my dad name on it for my Japan trip or take at least 5000$ in it for the trip. Then again, it is not till August 2009 that I can take it out. I could also put it in another mutual fund for another two years. Ummm... That sounds like a good idea.

Japan trip:
Old amount: 255$
New amount: 7255$

When I finially get a 10000$, I might add 2000$ to visit China and Tibet a little bit with my boyfriend. I guess we'll see about that next year. I'm sure I won't spend 10 000$ in my stay in Japan. I'm going to stay there for a least a month, the only person who will wipe out my money is my dear friend whom doesn't want me to mention his/her name. Other than that, I will surely have some left overs... Unless there's too much things to do there. My boyfriend said he wants to try everything. xD Well... Gotta enjoy while we can there. Haha... I can't wait.

3 Responses to “Over 7000$ in mutual funds!!”

  1. dardhel Says:

    Experience as much as you can while you are young. Atleast you aren't going into debt over it! Your dad might be looking at whats best for your future. When you get out of college that $7K could turn into a nice down payment on a house. Anyway, have fun in Morocco!

  2. shiela Says:

    You are doing great Christina Smile

  3. Amber Says:

    Good for you, I can't wait to read all about your trip...enjoy your trip

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