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Thinking of applying for summer school

April 13th, 2008 at 08:21 pm

I want to apply for summer school this year to catch up on my English. I dropped English last semester because I was not at the right level and they couldn't change me. Summer school will be from 9-12 in the morning for four weeks. I'll finish three days before my trip.

Kiwii suggested me to prospone my trip till mid-July so I can take calculus II in the afternoon but I refused. I'm not paying 400$ extra for penality and another 200$ for summer course instead of taking another semester where more than four courses cost 150$ all together. I can't believe I was stuck on that for two days. It doesn't make any sense to pay 600$ more. The only thing that I'm missing in order to finish my programme on time is Calculus II now but I'm not planning to finish early. I want to take one more semester. Kiwii told me to postpone Calculus II for two more semesters because I want to take five courses (Coincidentally, I can take five with her next semester and I also want to take just five courses) which sound totally absurd consider I'm in commerce. It's like avoiding math when your programme is about math and business thing. I might as well be on other programme than commerce if I'm postponing math for another semester.

Since I can't take Calculus II because of my trip. I will take English in the morning.

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