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How to stay on the frugal side again

April 9th, 2008 at 03:18 pm

These days, my biggest expense is the food. My entertainment expense was clubbing last Friday and that's about it. I tried bringing food but sometimes, I barely do it because I'm either too busy or just too tired. The first week went well with bringing my own lunch but after that, I go back to my old habit.

I'm also lacking on healthy food at home. Considering my parents barely go grocery shopping and when they do, it's hardly healthy food anyways. So yeah, I would love to go buy my own grocery but just thinking of going home with all the groceries by bus is a pain in the ass. I tried it and it was really complicated. My brother expects me to make lunch for him and he likes to criticize the food that I make for him.... Like he can do any better!!

I'm really running out of idea for myself because my income is so low now since I don't work. Although I am trying to eat at home more since all my classes are mostly in the afternoon. Sometimes, my friends just call me to help them out for their homework or I need to ask teacher questions.

Anyways, I'll get back to you guys later after I excercise. I'm really frustrated right now that I'm always spending money!!

5 Responses to “How to stay on the frugal side again”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Christina, I've forgotten if you are in high school or college now. If you are frequently "the brains" among your friends and spend a lot of time giving help on school work, but not getting any help in return, then I think it would be great if you could say,

    "I'm famished. Buy me a sandwich and a milk and I'll help you out with this."

    "I could work with you on that. In return, how about if you bring me two oranges and an apple on Tuesday."

    "Hey, I'm a poor student. Will work for food. No kidding. I could sure use a pizza and salad on Friday. If I help you, will you treat me to the pizza and salad?"

    "Bagel, please. I'm bagel-powered when it comes to Calculus. Put a bagel in my hand and, oh, maybe a cup of hot tea, and Calculus comes out. Seriously, I really could use a snack to tide me over till I get home for supper. Can you feed me while we work?"

    That kind of deal probably works better if you are in college rather than in high school, as more students will be on their own financially and will understand your being short on money and easily gotten food.

    But don't your parents own both a grocery store and a restaurant, or have I got you mixed up with someone else? Sure seems like food would be the last of your worries. But then, I could see how your parents would be sick of dealing with food all day. And they figure you are old enough to make your meals, I guess. If you made a list of foods you need and gave the list to your parents, what would they do?

    And that dear brother of yours is going to be up a creek without a paddle if he doesn't learn how to make meals for himself and do other basic living skills. My son's college roommates are a lot like that. It baffles me how their parents could send them out into the world as helpless as they are.

  2. boomeyers Says:

    Take an extra back pack on the bus and go to the grocery store and fill it up and then wear it home on your back, easier than a grocery sack. Get frozen meals if you have too, they will last and are easy to reheat. Throw in some fresh fruit, bagels, its not that hard. Use your ingenuity, you can figure this out. Don't let it just be an excuse, get creative!! Joans ideas are a hoot and very helpful! Think outside your box!!

  3. Go.Xtina Says:

    Joan.of.the.Arch : I'm in college now. I mostly help Kiwii in her homework because she was sick for three weeks so she needs my help. I can't ask her to spend money on me for food, because she won't work for awhile. Come to think about it, even though I don't ask her to buy me something, she will still spend her money like crazy. My parents own a Chinese grocery and ironically, we lack food most of the time. They are all junk food and not much fruits and vegetable. I was thinking of writting a list for them but they will probably ask me to pay for them. I can always try I guess.

    My brother? He always has an excuse for everything just to hide the fact that he is lazy. I don't know what he will do in the future but he is going to stay at my parents house till he's 30 for sure.

    boomeyers: Yes if only the grocery store was on my way to go back to my house. I take a bus that goes directly to my house. My classes finish mostly at 5 to 6 pm. So if you count the time spend to go back to my house by bus with the groceries, it is 1 to 2 hours. That left me no time to study. I am not going to take it as an excuse but I'm really stressing about money right now and I'm not even suppose to. I really hate this family life so much and I feel so hopeless. Anyways, I'm trying to think outside the box but with the stress, it's not helping me.

  4. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Maybe if your brother makes a request for certain food items, your parents would get them. Are even your parents even unhealthily? Surely there has to be some real food some time! Surely you know your ability as a student is enhanced when you are physically healthy and have good nutrition.

    Let's see, do you ever have a chance to go out with anyone in a car? Could you get a friend with a car to take you to the store once in a while? Can you come up with enough money for a taxi? But be careful with that--in my city taxis charge for each bag they carry in addition to the passenger fee.

    Are there snack shops or restaurants on or around campus where you could at least occasionally get some real food? Even if it isn't cooked nicely, it might still have nutrition to it. Or maybe they would have fresh foods you could carry home if they sell to students who are allowed to cook in dorms or who have nearby apartments.

    I worked three evenings a week in a dining room on campus when I was in college. If I came early, I was entitled to a meal. Could there be something like that? Then maybe you wouldn't have to struggle for extra transportation either.

    Do you have a spot where you could grow just a few vegetables? Either in pots or directly in the soil? That way your vegetables could be ready and waiting for you at home. There are Canadian seed exchange forums on the internet where you could get seed without having to go to the store, even. Or you could internet order them from a seed dealer. Don't try anything big, just two or three plants of something.

  5. Go.Xtina Says:

    My brother hardly know what the difference between healthy and junk food. Last time he went grocery shopping with my parents, he brought back hamburger buns and beef. He was the one criticizing that there's no health food. My parents eat modified food like white bread with raison (Chinese kind of bread), Chinese pastry, Steam buns,etc. My dad thinks he eat healthy by eating oatmeal with water, breakfast slim drink etc. So yeah, this is how my family live most of the time.

    I wrote a list for my dad this morning so he can buy the things that we need in our house. My dad didn't buy them because he was busy...

    I personally don't know anybody who has the time to go with me at least once a week to the grocery store. My boyfriend is learning how to drive right now.

    Growing food? That's not a bad idea xD! I'll have to see about that. I'll get back on you guys later.

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