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My first week of April

April 5th, 2008 at 08:24 pm

This week was pretty good. I did my French and accouting test which went pretty well. I also went to the club for the first time.

My experience at a club was pretty good. Throughout the night, I got comfortable dancing and guys approach me which I never experienced before. I guess I got used living in a shelter life xP. Well, I did dance with a guy at the beginning of the night because I wanted to be less shy at dancing so I accepted. He introduced himself to me which I find it's pretty polite of him to do that. We danced for two or three songs and he tried to kiss me twice which I refused and continued dancing with him. My first reaction should have been to stop dancing with him but I was too nice. After awhile, I stopped our dance and thank him then all of a sudden, another guy came up to me on my back and start grining on me. I pushed him away and my friends dragged me to their side and tell the guy to back off. I'm pretty happy that I have my friends with me. They are better than me on handling those sort of things. Although I'm pretty confused with the guy that I danced with, he came back to me twice and he even offered to buy me a drink which I refused.

As for my spending this week, let just say that I'm still living the life as an adult experiencing life. LOL Well certainly, I would like to find a balance into my life. Hopefully, I will find it soon. I'm going to take back my Tim Hortons job in mid-juillet possibly. I'm planning to work three days/week and take five courses for the third semester. Hopefully, I would find a balance in spending and saving before starting to work. I spent 32$ because I offered to pay the cab for a friend because she doesn't work either. Initially, she pays 20$ and in the end, I payed 5$ which was totally unreasonable. I thought of paying everything as her late birthday gift.

I have to do a little cleaning so I'll get back to you guys about my progress in a few days. Also, my challenge money will be toward my Japan trip and possibly my future. I have to think about it. As for my Japan trip, I have more than that amount but it's in my Travel mutual fund.

1 Responses to “My first week of April”

  1. Carolina Bound Says:

    Those guys sound a little dangerous! Be careful out there!

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