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I'm back

April 1st, 2008 at 06:38 pm

Hey, if you remember me. I'm Christina from the user T_I_N_A20 blog. I have my laptop(Brand new Toshiba 450$ from a friend) for a few weeks now so I can blog again without worrying about the possibility of my dad checking in my account or some sort.

I would like to interview myself ^.^

Why you come back here?

- I realized that I need support to help me save. I did not realized how much the outside world could affect my money habit. I wish to do something worthwhile with my money instead of spending it away again and I want to save up my money so I can travel... Like usual and to build a future with my boyfriend if it works out great.

How is my life going?

- I can say it's been good except the money part and the exercise part. I have a loving boyfriend of almost three months who have the same goal as me. My grades are good although I could do way much better. I went to New York city with my dad and my sister. The trip I must say, didn't help our family relationship that much because my dad was always talking about the price there(typical Chinese people) and he is controlling the way I spend my money.

Tell us about your boyfriend.

- Ummm... How do I start? Well... First I would like to call him by his nickname : GuiGui. He is a year younger than me and he is in the same grade as me. He is a Quebeker.

I met him last year in our senior year of high school in gym option class and I hit his butt with a badminton racket. His reaction was so cute! Instead of telling me to stop like the other guys, he played with me by saying: What the heck? DEFENSE! *Start defending himself with his racket* After a few months, I start to get to know him a few days before the prom, I developped a feeling for him even though I had a boyfriend back then. I never met anyone who is so cold at the same time so warm inside. It really made me curious to know more about him.

A few months after college started, he emailed me saying that he miss me and I reply back happily that we should meet. We decided to go shopping with Kiwii. That day, I couldn't stop hugging him. At first, he just stood there not knowing what to do and after countless times of hugging him, I felt his body warming up to me. After this, we didn't see each others for a few months.

At January 14th, I invited him to my house to watch his movies that I just bought him for Christmas and I was hugging him throughout the movies. After we finish watching the movies, I ask him if he wants us to be together. At first, he bent down and he said : What do you want? I jumped and said: I want us to be together! Then he said: Okay. When he was about to leave, he turned around and I said: What? He said: Nothing... On msn, he told me that when I ask him if we should be together, he wanted to kiss me and when he was about to leave, he wanted to say I love you.

And the rest is history ^.^!!

I should describe how he is like. He is perfect for me... I just feel like I could be in a serious relationship with because he really listens to my need, he asks me what I want and whenever I have something in my mind, he tells me what I was thinking straight away. With money, he is really simple. He loves final fantasy games so he is willing to spend his money on that. Anything else, he doesn't care and he lets me decide. In school, he studies in commerce like me and he wants to be an economist one day so he studies hard to get good grade and he does not change his mind as easily as me. In general, he is the opposite of me.

Both of our parents know we are dating and my boyfriend side of the family like me so far especially his mother. My parents, they don't take it seriously so they don't ask much about him. I could really tell that his family comes from a good upbringing. My boyfriend told me that his mother stayed at home when he was young to take care of her kids and to earn any extra income, she made a kindergarden at home so she can work and be there for the kids. Now seeing their kids all grown up, she works at the airport right now and she gets 97$ flight ticket each for her and her family. I really admired her a lot for being able to be there to raise kids. I wish to be like her someday and my boyfriend express the same wish.

I believe that I could finally have a peaceful life with my boyfriend where money doesn't matter that much anymore. My boyfriend has a father as a workaholic and he was never there to raise his own children so he views him a stranger. GuiGui doesn't want to end up like his father, I don't want to end up like my parents. All we gotta do is to study hard in school which he is doing and I'm also doing so we can get good jobs.

How is Kiwii and her saving?

- My friend Kiwii is doing fine. She got sick for five weeks now and she missed three weeks of school. As a result, she is having problems keeping up in class and I can't help her that much. She is thinking of dropping her semester which I kinda want her to do because it is getting bad and she got kick out of the gym class.

Her saving? When she works,She saves 1000$ for a few months, now her savings is dropping fast because she won't be working for awhile. Kiwii always have the same spending habit since I introduce her to this site so I'm not surprise that she will not save much. She also said early on before she got sick that she's not going to Japan in three years because she's going to live there anyways. I told her clearly that I'm still going with my boyfriend no matter what and I won't be living in Japan in the future anymore. My boyfriend doesn't feel like going there to live anymore because he feels like it's going to be way too much troubles.

What do you plan to do with a new blog?

- Well for me starting a new blog means starting everything new especially my challenge money. Since the past blog (My little saving blog), I have grown ever since.

Any new goals?

- My goal will be traveling and saving toward the future. I plan to take around 4-5 courses next fall to be able to work more in order to save my money for future trips and my future. I am in no rush to finish my studies as fast as possible. But to carry less workload during the year, I plan to take two courses in the summer. However, this is yet to be my final decision. Except my Japan trip that I'm really going to go.

What about your 20$ Challenge money?

- Unfortunatly it's gone... I got carried away. Part of the money went to the flight ticket to Morocco and the personal spending budget.

2 Responses to “I'm back”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    Welcome back, Tina.

    Haha, cute story about your boyfriend. Hoping for many more happy moments like that for you. Wink

  2. luxlivingfrugalis Says:

    Glad to see you back!

    Nice interview.

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